Day trips in Belgium
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Belgian MeFites! Or MeFites who have been to Belgium! A question about trains.

As a follow up to this question, can anyone tell me how long it typically takes to get from Ghent to Oudenaarde by train? How about Ghent to Bruges or Antwerp?
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Best answer: Ghent to Bruges is about a half hour.
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Best answer: And Ghent-Oudenaarde is half an hour on the fast direct train, just over an hour on slow trains with a change. Here's the English-language timetables and route planner.
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holgate gave a wonderful answer already, but I wanted to add that I was always tickled by how the trains magically switch from French to Flemish/Dutch as you ride north, and vice versa in the other direction. The same conductor's voice comes over the speaker, the same LED sign, but a different language.
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I did Gent - Antwerp last month - it took 50 minutes (and the waffles in Antwerp Station were delicious).
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