What is a very simple cell phone that works well?
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I am looking to simplify my life. What is a very simple, compact, and good cell phone that would work with T-Mobile.

I am looking to kick the fancy functionality that ties me to my phone.
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Are you wanting to buy new? That's probably the way to go, given that it's hard to account for the reliability of a used device with no warranty. You can get two comparable "dumbphones" new from T-Mobile. Both will be $10 if you renew your contract, and $70 if you buy them outright. They both have cameras, by the way. But, a camera is a potential life saver compared to say lots of games and web browsing.
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Simpler and/or more compact than this?
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Ah, yes, that phone that chazlarson linked to was the same one I linked to, although at a cheaper price since that was on their prepaid division. You can get that one and just put your old SIM in and it should work.
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I'm planning on doing the same thing at the end of my contract. I'll be on the lookout for a used nokia 3110 and then just getting the sim card kit.
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Thanks, I'll grab that $50 phone.
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