Can you recommend a good and affordable relationship counselor in the Boston area?
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Can you recommend a good and affordable relationship counselor in the Boston area?

We're in Cambridge and have been going through a rough patch. We've been together for a few years, had a short separation last year, and have been back together for the better part of a year. We both want to make it work. I believe my SO is depressed (a previous personal counselor said as much) and that is aggravating the problem. In the past, I was depressed, and that made things bad. Neither of us are religious at all (I think some relationship counseling is faith-based....we don't want that.) We're both working, but don't have a lot of spare money. But, if ever there's a problem worth spending some money to fix, this is it, so we're prepared to spend money.

Can you recommend a good and affordable couples therapist in the Cambridge or Boston area?
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Randi Kaufman over near Harvard Square (1218 Mass Ave, I think) is pretty awesome but not what I'd consider cheap.
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Patricia Lotterman on Pearl Street (find more via google) has been remarkably good in my tenaciously bad marriage situation. Again, not cheap ($120/hour) but I think this is about the going rate.

One thing that has been very helpful in making our sessions more efficient: she works from the relational model in Terry Real's book The New Rules of Marriage, which is a terrific book, kind of a skills manual for how to recognize what works and what doesn't and a guide for how to do it right. My husband and I have both read it and agree on principle that this is how we want our marriage to work, ideally.

So, both my husband and I and Patricia have a common reference for things to look out for, practices to follow or avoid, etc, etc. Having read and agreed on the book itself was good for my husband and me, but figuring out how to *live* it is a whole different ball game and Patricia is pretty good with that so far.

Good luck.
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A therapist I've done some good work with recommends Julie Schneider (LICSW) in Somerville.
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Not sure what qualifies as affordable, but I adore my therapist -- Eve Goldfarb (, and she works on a sliding scale, which might help.
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