She never gets fucked hard enough..
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So I recently suffered a relatively severe concussion. And since then.. I am hearing.. things. Voices. They are.. very specific in nature though.. and I'm kinda terrified and kinda giggling about it..

Okay, a little background. I have been camping at the Occupy Portland protest encampment since Oct 12. Last Wednesday during a particularly strong rain, I was assisting people in draining the buildup of water in the massive tarps strung above much of the camp. I had just finished one part and was running to take care of another, I slipped on the wet brick path and fell. The entire force of the fall came down just above my right eye. I don't really remember nmuch around the event, so everything after this point is as-related-to-me after the fact. After it happened, I jumped back up and went to perform that task I was originally going to do. The people there took one look at the massive laceration above my eye gushing blood, my uneven pupils, and my exponentially increasing-by-the-moment disorientation and took me to sit down. I attempted to insist that I was fine, did not need medical assistance, and if they are worried I can't work I'll just go sleep it off. Then I stood up and attempted to walk towards my tent. I did not make a full step. I was incapable of standing on my own, and I drifted in and out of lucidness. This went on for some time, me insisting I'm fine, them insisting I am not, etc.. then they got a fellow Occupier with a car to take me to OHSU hospital. I was attempting to talk, but making no sense whatsoever. When I arrived at the hospital apparently I was asked some basic questions including month and year. I said it was Feb, 2003.

So yeah, I was in bad shape. Concussion, traumatic brain injury, a lot of stiches, the whole shebang. I am trying to make this short as possible..

Okay.. so back at the camp, my tent was surrounded by a couple of good time gals who with some regularity entertained male suitors back at their tents.. wink, wink.. nudge, nudge.. you get my drift. So I had become accustomed to a certain type, frequency, volume and er.. passion.. of sound. However once I got back, it literally seemed like they were NEVER. NOT. FUCKING. I started to joke about it with other people at camp. One of the things we were asked to do at a meeting once was introduce ourselves to our neighbors.. and I honestly had to say I have never once seen their face. But I get a pretty good idea of what shapes it may be contorted into. This continues to this day. Literally, every single time I go back to my tent they are fucking. But.. the tents used to get shifted around a lot when they were going at it.. and judging by their cries they were having a pretty damn good time it was hard to believe that they were not shifting right now. Then two nights ago, I go on a late night walk to clear my head about some drama at the camp I don't care to go into right now. And I keep hearing people fucking. I am waiting for a train alone at a station below a parking garage and I hear two couples going at it. I look around and determine it must be some street kids who went into the parking garage to have a dry place to fuck. I get back to my camp, go into my tent, and they are fucking still. The noises are becoming so repetitive from overexposure it seems to me that they must be faking. Anyways, I eventually fall asleep. Wake up in the night to take a piss. They are fucking. Wake up in the morning, they are fucking. Come back in the afternoon for a nap.. they are fucking. Then today, I realize I am hearing them fucking.. everywhere. I am standing at a mall kiosk using Clear Wireless' computer because my laptop was stolen from the camp (long story) and it sounds like I am the middle of a massive porn set in the middle of filming a particularly.. vocal moment. I hear over and over, repeated.. "FUCK! Me harder.. FUCK! Me harder.."

Now I am terrified. I realize that I am legitimately hearing voices. They are as real to me as if there was a porn movie on the stereo. I have made so many jokes about my neighbors.. now I have to face a much.. much darker possibility..

And to make matters worse.. I will try to make this short.. oh.. some girl just had a massive "Ohhhhhhhhhh MY GOD!".. there has recently been some accusations that are currently only anecdotal and have no factual basis.. but there is a lot of rumors, so many and no one able to say one hundred percent that it is not happening.. that someone in the camp has used our resources and the.. so a girl just came.. fact that it is very easy to disappear into our mass of people to start a child prostitution ring. When this was brought to me, I immediately connected dots in my head.. told them that the tents immediately around mine are quite literally NEVER NOT FUCKING. This, being that I am considered reliable, constitutes legit info. So now I have to admit to everyone that it is very likely that this has not been happening.. and admit to everyone this.. condition..

Which.. makes me seem like a creep.

I am terrified. I know I need to just go to the hospital, but.. I don't know.. I guess I just needed to be able to tell the whole story to the green so I can try to get some reassurance that I am not a creep..

But.. it never stops. And I am scared.
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You need to go to the emergency room RIGHT NOW and tell them what you just told us. End of discussion.
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You are not a creep, but you totally really seriously need to see a doctor. Now. And don't be embarrassed. Purely speculatively, it seems like the reason it is fucking noises you are hallucinating rather than other more neutral sounds might just be because you really were hearing them a lot right before your injury. Not because of anything to do with you or your personality.
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Here is your reassurance: I don't think you sound like a creep. Now please go to the hospital.
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Hospital/ER, now. If possible, take a friend. Tell the friend and ER about the concussion. Do you have discharge sheets from the previous visit? - take those as well. Look through them for symptoms that you should report back to the ER if you experience them.
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Definitely hospital ASAP. For what it's worth, your question seemed rambling and incoherent as well. You are paranoid and hearing voices after a serious concussion. That's a major problem.
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Agreed...go to a hospital. Immediately. I assure you that your voices won't even make the top 10 weirdest things the people at the hospital have heard/seen this week. They won't be embarrassed to hear about it, and you shouldn't be embarrassed to say it.

You do not want to mess around with a brain injury - something could be going very wrong in your brain, and getting worse by the minute, and you need someone to check you out. Do not assume this is something you can live with - this could be a sign that you need immediate medical attention.

IANAD; you need to see one now.
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What you are experiencing right now is not a reflection on you, your morals or your character.

I do not look down on you or view you as creepy in any way.

nthing the advice to go to the emergency room and tell them about your recent concussion.
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Uh, I am not a physician, I am not your anything, but if you were hearing these sounds *before* you fell, and it's at all possible they aren't real *now*, it's also possible they weren't real *then*. It may be the case that there is something serious going on with you neurologically that caused the fall and is causing auditory hallucinations. You need to go back to the ER. (I know you fell because you slipped, but sometimes people don't recover from slipping because their balance is impaired. So it's worrisome in light of the hallucinations, which is a new datum for the ER doc.)

(And I am not trying to freak you out or tell you you have a brain tumor. IANAP. There are lots of things that cause balance impairments, everything from an empty stomach to ear infections to major stuff, and it is totally possible you're hearing things because of concussion, but you should get a well-equipped doctor's opinion pronto, because this goes beyond the reassurance the green can give you.)
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Go to the ER.
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The fact that your hallucinations are sexually oriented doesn't have anything to do with your character. A lot of people who go under with anaesthesia have sexually oriented dreams and hallucinations. Your brain is hard wired to think about that kind of stuff. But you need to go to a hospital immediately. This is not something to mess around with.
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I have just had one of the shittiest days of my entire life, only got about an hour of sleep last night, and have a splitting headache from all the stress. And after reading this, I double and triple checked your location to make sure you weren't in Chicago, because even with all of my own crap going on, I was going to come find you and take you to the doctor. That's how not-creepy and medical-emergency this sounds.

Please go to an emergency room now. Ask a random person on the street to drive you if that's the quickest way. Please, just go.
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You are not a creep, and no one will think that at the hospital, promise. You won't even be the weirdest thing they've seen that shift. BUT GO. Even this post shows signs that you are not able to communicate in a totally clear fashion. Please please go to the ER ASAP.
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What you've written really doesn't make much sense. I'm not saying that to at all be rude, but to say that I am concerned about your general lucidity. Please see a doctor ASAP. Like, NOW.
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Go to the hospital now.
Literally, this very moment. Turn off your laptop and go. Please. You need medical attention.
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In fact, see if you can locate a medic at Occupy if you are still there, and tell him exactly what you posted here.

Should we get someone down there to find him? Is there a way to contact the medical tent there? Is there a medical tent there?
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You're not a creep, it's just the sound you were hearing before or after the injury, that has gotten lodged. Would it help to think that it could have been cellphone's ringing, or any other, repetitive, barely heard noise?

I'm hoping you're not going to reply, because you have gone down to the A&E ALREADY, or have immediately notified friends that your concussion may be worse than first appeared and gotten them to take you down there.

You need support, and you need a neurologist.

Finally, if there is any issue about health insurance, I know you are in the US - just give the word, and maybe we can set up an online donation scheme. And I know you're in OWS, which means someone may be willing to set up a hat/altar with your situation on it while you worry about getting yourself sorted at the hospital.
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At times when I'm embarrassed and confused and don't know what to do, I like to ask myself what somebody who loved me would advise me to do. (People who love me want the best for me, and they don't let their own moral judgments get in the way of judging what's best for me.)

Right now, at this moment, anybody who loved you would take you to the ER. So do that. And putting myself in place of the people who love you, I instruct you, right now at this moment, not to be embarrassed, ashamed, or worried about anything but your health. That is your priority, and it trumps everything else. So go!!
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Definitely get to the ER. They've seen weirder shit, and the fact that you are looking for help and recognize that there's a problem is a huge advantage for both you and them.
Good luck.
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Go to the ER. You are not a creep you are injured trust me the people in the ER have seen real creeps they know the difference and will only want to help you.
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You're not a creep. Notice how upset and paranoid this is making you? It wouldn't be making you feel this way if you were the creep you're afraid you are. This is a big flashy red-flag symptom, your brain telling you "something wrong is going on here listen to me listen to me listen to me." If you haven't already left yet, go.
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Anyone on MeFi knows him (I assume it's a him) IRL who can get him to the ER? Communicate his status back to us? This is seriously worrisome and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way. *breathes in breathes out worry worry*
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Seriously, GO NOW!

Nobody is going to think you're a creep. You've had a MAJOR head trauma. Honestly I don't know why you were let out of the hospital so soon.
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It's been said many times before this, but just to underscore...go to the ER. Get someone to take you, so you don't get disoriented or change your mind. Auditory hallucinations can be very disturbing, but have nothing to do with you as a person; they're probably due to your injury and are a symptom you can describe so the doctors know the extent of your injuries.
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you are not a creep, but your post is concerning to many of us on askme. you need to go to the hospital now. for what it's worth, medical professionals or any sort of health professional have heard of many different stories from a variety of people. it feels creepy to you because this isn't something that you have personally encountered before, but this is something that medical professionals have encountered before. i think your best bet is to print this post and show it to the doctor and then the doctor can ask you any additional questions from that point onwards.
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Holy moly call 911. Seriously.
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I am an EMT-B, though not working as one, and diagnosis would be outside my scope of practice even if I was on-duty and on-site.

What I can tell you is the symptoms you've related coupled with the history you've provided jack the "index of suspicion" as they call it right through the roof. I would note your compromised mental status and rush you to definitive care as quickly as possible. Since we can't, you need to.

The only thing weird about you is you think auditory hallucinations with a history of traumatic brain injury makes you too weird to get medical care. But patients get all kinds of weird ideas. The problem of course is you're not a patient. Fix that. I can't believe you had to even ask.
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Dude, I don't know you but I want you to know that I care about you and I don't think you're a creep. But I do think you need to go to the hospital ASAP.

Should we reach out to Occupy Portland? Tell them someone who had a concussion the other day needs help?
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Dude, I know a wonderful psychiatrist who works in the ER. He is exactly the type of person who is working overnight, in the hospital, waiting for someone just like you to show up, check you out and make sure that you are OK, and help you if you aren't.

He would not think that you are creepy, he would not think you ridiculous, or that you are wasting his time, no matter what time you show up. He would understand how hearing voices frightens you. And he'd take care of you.

I know sometimes people don't think something is serious enough for an ER, or wonder how they will pay for it, so it you're feeling that, I'd like to acknowledge it. There are also some people who are afraid of what it might be, so they sort of freeze up. I'd like to acknowledge that too. But really, minutes matter here. You're brain is trying to tell you that something isn't okay - it's giving you a message, admittedly in a frightening wacky "Fucking!" way - that you need some help - in the only way it can. Be gentle with yourself, and listen to yourself. And go to the place where people know how to help you (no matter what it is).

Because based on what your writing, he'd tell you you need to pick your ass up, and tell someone who is protesting with you that you need to get to an ER right now. Don't even worry about how you'll explain why you're there. Seriously, reading your email, they'll figure out that you might not be okay right now and help.

Sending all sorts of good thoughts your way.

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I'm in SE. I just memailed you my cell number. Call me and I will take you to OHSU.
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Does anyone have any contact info for medics, or anyone at OWS?

If mediocre has a deteriorating brain injury, we need to get people looking after him. If he's made his own way to the hospital, no problem, false alarm.

Suggested Information to pass on -
Details: Male, goes by Kapnmediocre, got a head injury last Wednesday night during the strong rain, concussion, stitches.
He's posted online that his concussion is getting worse in some ways, his writing is somewhat incoherent, and he's mentioned he's feeling scared. Can someone find him, and either go with him, or get his friends to take him to ER, stat?
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I just texted my housemate, who I think is down at OPDX right now.
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From his last question, it looks like he has a psychiatric diagnosis already - if someone can help him get to the ER, they should remind him to provide that information.
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Hi. I've had auditory hallucinations before. Really, I have.

Notice, I'm not a creep. I'm not creepy. Nor am I crazy. Auditory hallucinations have to do with bits of your brain misbehaving. Right now, your hallucinations are a symptom of stuff in your brain misbehaving, and that's all any doctor would see it as. Go. GO.

And when you're back from the hospital, come back and let us know.
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We could try tweeting at Occupy Portland if need be.
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My housemate doesn't know him, but she's passing the word along to others who might.
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I just google+ed them. Don't know how active they are on google+, you should try tweeting.
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Does anyone have an idea which "mall kiosk using Clear Wireless' computer" he might've posted from? It's possible he's still there and the staff might be able to help.
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Ok, if you are still with it enough to read this, call 911 if you can, if you can't flag down someone who can, this is serious shit right now, not in the morning, right this fucking instant. I really hope someone here can find you or someone there can, if you can not save yourself right now.
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Probably in Pioneer Place. Damn, my office is right next door but I'm home now...
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Oh mefi, please work your magic and find this poor kid. Mediocre, if you're reading this, you are not creepy, no one will think you are, please find someone to help you to the hospital.
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I just emailed
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I put out the word for Portland friends who may be occupying or have a friend there.
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I also tweeted him. Looks like maybe he goes by Aryn.
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Also Tweeted OccupyPortland.
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and facebook for that matter. I know this is all very personal and perhaps it can be deleted after the situation is resolved.
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I can't, but has anybody tweeted @his followers? Should go to their email.
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I talked to the manager at the Apple store at Pioneer Place, just in case mediocre was (or had been) there as well. He said they don't have anyone there with a forehead wound like that, but he would keep an eye out and is aware that he made need medical attention.

I didn't see a listing for a Clear kiosk in the main directory on Pioneer Place's website -- do any locals have any other thoughts on where he might've posted from?

(FWIW, unfortunately it looks like his last tweet was in 2009.)
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I tried calling the closest Clear Wireless store but got stuck in phone hell.
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Yes, you need help. Contact ottereroticist, she can assist you in getting that help.
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Maybe the Lloyd Center? That's really the only other mall near the city center, and he could have easily travelled there on MAX for free. There's a Clear Store there, phone number is 503-360-1190, I'll try calling.
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Same experience as ottereroticist, no luck calling them, straight to VM.
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Mod note: folks, I know you're trying to help and we'll leave this thread open but be careful with mediocre's personal info please. Thank you.
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The one on Park is closer, but I can't get through. Anyway it's been two hours since he posted, I kind of doubt he's still there.
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mediocre - you're not a creep, you just have a contused brain. Get to an ER right now. Any hospital. Call 911 and requset an ambulance - all you have to say is "I have a head injury and I'm hearing things".

Check in here and tell us where you are and then stay there. It can be at Occupy PDX. Find a friend and tell them.

If it comes to it and mediocre doesn't check in and someone wants to buy me a Greyhound ticket to PDX from Seattle to be available to help find him and help at hospital - I'm available ASAP. Email is fastest response.

I know I'm not in PDX but I also don't have a job to lose, and I'm comfortable with the streets of PDX and being outdoors in the weather around here.
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I've gotten in touch with people at Occupy Portland.

They've just had people check in on him, and they think he's ok. A bit stressed by things happening at camp. Haven't convinced anyone to barrel him off to the A&E just in case, but people are checking in on him.
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Oh good. I was just about to go down there. I wish they/he were taking this a little more seriously, though.
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They think he's OK? Did they read this?
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Ok, so here's the thing with consent.

If the person who is injured refuses treatment, there is nothing you can do. Everybody has the right to refuse treatment unless they are a danger to themselves. (Baker Act)

Unless/Until the person has passed out. Then you can "barrel" them off to the Emergency Room. But most paramedics will not forcefully put somebody in the ambulance who says they do not want.

That said. I don't think he should be left alone for any amount of time. And I'm worried that it's 8pm and approaching the time when folks go to sleep. Sleep is (probably) not what this guy needs. He probably needs an emergency room, but we Americans have a lot of reasons for avoiding them.
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IANAD, but his post was far from OK! Besides the auditory hallucinations his narration was just plain rambling and incoherent....he needs to get to a hospital pronto! And if he's ultimately given a clean bill of health, I think he'd be better off resting at home in bed for a few days rather than outside in the elements in a tent.
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"They've just had people check in on him, and they think he's ok."

Oh, sweet. They have medical professionals there who are qualified in this expertise! Oh, wait. ...they don't?

He needs to be seen by someone qualified to actually assist in this specific situation. He's either lying, which we have no reason to think is the case, or he is (using his own words) legitimately hearing voices. He said "They are as real to me as if there was a porn movie on the stereo."

"Dude, you ok?" isn't going to cut it. Please, somebody who knows who he is, take him to get professional help.
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Unless the people who checked on him were medical types, that update isn't very comforting.
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Elysum: Ask them if they have a RN or EMT on site at the med tent to check him for concussion symptoms, not just laymen friends checking on him like he ate too many brownies and letting him sleep it off.

I don't have a twitter account - can someone tweet this thread at #OccupyPortland and maybe #OccupyHealthy? If we get their attention maybe he can be convinced to be re-admitted to the hospital. They probably shouldn't have released him.
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In case anyone is wondering how I heard this - it was over the Livestream. I myself, am in Wellington, New Zealand. If I was in Portland, I'd go over and check it out. :(

Person1****: he is fine. he had a cat scan. he has just been really upset about what is happening in camp.
Person2****: if he continues being distorted we can call someone to take him to hospital

Not sure what else I can do from here - the message is semi-out. *fingers crossed*
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can someone tweet this thread at #OccupyPortland and maybe #OccupyHealthy? If we get their attention maybe he can be convinced to be re-admitted to the hospital.

If, at this point, he has been contacted by people there -- and clearly knows, from that contact, that people in this topic are urging him to seek medical treatment -- then maybe we should not continue tweeting/contacting Occupy about him. As someone noted above, people have the right to refuse treatment -- and I think continuing to press the point in various non-Mefi venues starts to cross the line into harassment (even though, as I said, I totally think he should go to the ER).
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OK, now I'm going down there.
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Please, please do persist with the folks at Occupy. I've been scared by the things I have seen street medics try to handle on their own, and by the degree of autonomy given to people legitimately in need of help but incapable of realizing it.
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I wish I could set up some kind of donation-receiving PayPal type thing, but I'm in Canada. If anyone here is willing to establish this, it might help persuade mediocre to seek help. Being broke and needing healthcare is no way to live.
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Ok, I spent about an hour trying to find people on chatrooms to had contacts at OccupyPortland to go check on him, and then repeatedly trying to get someone to check on him, the message is semi-out, I've sent a description to Ottereroticist.

And now, I'm out.

Hope someone sorts something out.
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Looks like OccupyPortland is having some serious troubles.... No running water and reports of violence and drugs. No place for a person with a potentially serious head injury. I sure hope someone gets Medicore to the ER soon!
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So I'm involved in a sport where people hit their heads a lot and this kind of thing? it happens. The problem here is that the OP, despite sounding reasonably lucid, is not in a fit state to take care of himself. Could he fall asleep and wake up tomorrow fine- yes, I know people who've done that. But he could also fall over again and get a secondary concussion or pass out in his tent or get disoriented and stumble out into traffic. A brief conversation is pretty meaningless to judge the likelihood of that happening. I've had perfectly lucid conversations with people who "woke up" 2 days later and remembered nothing about the intervening time. btw, the first sign of a concussion is someone insisting they are perfectly OK when you damn well saw them hit their head. A lot of people will beleive said dizzy people's reassurances, partly because they don't know what to do about it. this is especially true of strangers of course.

My point is that even if he won't go to the ER he needs to be with someone who will check up on him regularly until he's normal again and be willing to make the call for an ambulance. Plus if he does need an ambulance he's going to be treated a lot more effectively if someone tells the paramedics that he knocked himself silly a day ago than if he's just pulled rambling and incoherent out of the OWS tent city. I know Mefi wants to help but getting in touch with friends/ family if at all possible is the thing to do here. Even an employer if that's all you can find.
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reports of violence and drugs.


I would not want these people, lovely as I'm sure they are, responsible for me if I had a head injury. They don't seem real decisive.
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Allow me to amend my previous statement:

I am absolutely in favor of ER now. Calling an ambulance may help with an authority appeal, but given the protest situation I could see some folks backing themselves even farther into the corner of refusing treatment.

So, call. Have real actual EMTs take a look and determine orientation.
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A few years ago, I hit my head on some ice while snowboarding. My friends came rushing over to me, and I kept insisting I was fine, and repeating that I got the wind taken out of me, but nothing more, and I was fine fine fine, don't take me to the clinic, don't summon the ski patrol. We boarded down and got on the ski lift again, and at some point, my friends realized I was rambling and obsessing over my head being fine.

It turns out that I'd suffered a really severe concussion, and had some paranoid issues like mediocre is experiencing right now. It grew into post-concussional syndrome and I had really terrible effects for months.

Mediocre, you KNEW there was something not quite right when you posted this. There is some twinge saying, "this isn't the normal me, but I'm probably overreacting, and I'll be fine." You LITERALLY CANNOT TRUST YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT. I know this is scary and I know you see all of these bad possible outcomes of being at the ER.

Your brain is stuck on a feedback loop. My feedback loop was "my head is fine, it just hit the snow, it happens all the time, it was the back of my head, and it hit the snow, and now it should be fine" ad nauseum for hours. My head was NOT fine.

Your feedback loop happens to be auditory sounds that you'd heard right before your head injury. It LITERALLY means nothing in terms of your own character or your own feelings. It's just a tape, stuck on the feedback cycle, and you need to get help to get it stopped.

If anyone else is reading this, and mediocre is insisting he's fine, are you willing to bet your life on it? Are you willing to bet HIS life on it? His brain? His cognitive functions?

It doesn't take a massive head trauma to have some very severe and life-threatening results. It just has to hit in the right way, and it sounds like mediocre's fall was enough to do that.

Medicore - would you trust the CEO of a giant corporation to make the right decisions for the millions of poor people in this country? No? Because they're not qualified or trained or have the right perspective to make the right decision? It's the same situation here. The people in Occupy Portland are not trained neuro folks.

Go get checked out. If THEY say you're completely and utterly fine, with no effects from the concussion, and right as day, then fine, think about leaving or get a second opinion. You don't have to think about all the possible roads out of this scary place - just commit to one thing first, and that is letting someone know that your concussion is still causing side effects and you need to get checked out.

Keep us posted!
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EMTs cannot force someone who's seemingly lucid to get into an ambulance. And even if they do, the person can sign themselves out AMA unless they're totally raving. That's why it's imperative that family/ friends etc get involved here to act on the OPs behalf and to watch over them. Someone who heard a story secondhand on the internet is just not going to cut it with the hospital and/or cops.

Trust me. I've seen someone sign themselves out AMA when they barely knew their own last name*. With me and two other friends standing there arguing with the doctors in the ER about it. There's very little they can do about a conscious patient who doesn't want to be there.

*ended up back in the ER about 4 hours later with her husband and stayed. Key difference.
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mediocre, I do hope you'll think of going to get checked out. My psychiatrist friend gently pointed out that you'd probably be seen by a neurologist, not by someone like him, and while neurologists might not be as suave as psychiatrists, they have been known to be friendly and informational.

...wishing you'd go to the doctor, hoping you're okay, whatever you decide to do.

Night, all.
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I found him. We're up at OHSU ER. More soon.
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So nice of you to assist, ottereroticist.
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Thank you ottereroticist.
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Thank you so much.
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Thankyou, Metafilter! Extraordinary kindness of strangers FTW.
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I thought THANK GOD! but, actually, thank you ottoeroticist.
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Otter, my hat's off to you... and this amazing green thing I'm loooking at. Just saw this thread, and I was getting more and more concerned.... my partner had a subdural hematoma last year from a fall, and it was very slow to manifest itself. Had us all scared silly before we got her in for an MRI and a brain drain.

I hope for the best for Mediocre.
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thank you so much ottereroticist. i was seriously worried about him.

thank you to fellow mefites too, it's people like you that make the world a better place.
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Fuck yeah, ottererotocist!
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Thanks, Ottereroticist! You deserve, like, eight consenting otters after this.
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I'll be happy to donate to the healthcare fund -- keep us posted.
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I don't know any of you but I've been on pins & needles all evening. Thank you ottereroticist, and mediocre you're in my thoughts and I'm hoping for a quick recovery.

Please keep us posted!
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"I'm from the internet metafilter and I'm here to help you."

OMG. I love mefi.
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Thank you to empath, ottereroticist and everyone involved. All I could think of was Natasha Richardson (remember) and hoping that Metafilter folk in Portland could save the day. Good fortune to mediocre and to Mefites and occupiers alike.

Maybe it's time for me to sleep now. You've made this a good day. Thank you.
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You're an exceptional person ottereroticist. Best wishes for helpful ER visit mediocre. Be well.
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Mediocre is still up at OHSU. I left him with a pledge to check in tomorrow, along with cab fare and that book about Henrietta Lacks.

Thanks to my friend Troll, who happened to be working as a nurse at the medical tent and took me around the camp looking for the Livestream camera, whose operator pointed Mediocre out to me.
I'm super glad he was willing to go to the hospital. His speech was pretty non-linear. But he in general he was alert, oriented, and cooperative.

I'm also glad for a reason to visit the camp. It's an amazing place, closely packed and squalid and chaotic and industrious and crazy and inspiring.

It's quite an evening that combines an Internet mystery, a scavenger hunt, a good deed, and a visit to the revolution.

Good night Mediocre, good night Occupy Portland, good night dear Mefites.
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Thank you, ottereroticist. Mediocre, be well.
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You've done a wonderful thing, ottereroticist, by helping this guy out. As someone who's had to get friends into emergency wards several times recently, I appreciate that it's not a pleasant experience. I applaud your efforts and give you my regards as much as I can in this format. (In other words, I'd give you a big hug you if I could). Well done, you good human, you :) Let's hope he's OK.
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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ottereroticist!

Just to clarify, I wasn't posting "I'm out" because I thought he was ok, I was posting it because I'd been trying to contact people at Occupy Portland for a couple of hours, and failing to get anyone to take him to A&E, and had to then leave my work. In Wellington, New Zealand, where I couldn't figure out what else to do, which was exhausting.

I am so, so glad someone got down there and took him to A&E. He had a head injury, that is not something to play around with. That's a situation where someone has to take responsibility making sure the person with the head injury is ok, and ottereroticist? That was you. You were the grown up in the situation, and the other word for that is Hero.

Glad you got an interesting evening out of it, and hopefully, a good story.

And Mediocre - look after yourself!
People care!
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Thank you, ottereroticist.
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I woke up really early this morning worrying about things in my life and kind of feeling like crap and then this sure put things into perspective for me. THIS is why I keep coming back here--crazy no eyebrow celebrity posts and all.
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That was otterly awesome!
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Wow! Thank you all!
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This is what makes Metafilter awesome.
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Thank you to empath, ottereroticist and everyone involved.

I didn't do anything :)

I hope he's doing better today, though. I think Occupy Portland is kind of a bad place for him to be right now, and I hope someone gets him into a better situation when he's discharged.
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Mediocre, I'm glad you made it back to the hospital, and I hope things go well. And thank you, ottereroticist, for doing a good thing.
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Great work, Otter! I woke up thinking about Mediocre and am so glad to hear he's getting help.

This is what I love about Metafilter.
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Incidentally, this is now over in MetaTalk so non-question answer stuff probably should go over there for now. Thnnks all.
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otter, give a shout out if you require more PDX assistance.
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My update is in in the Meta. Short form: no word. :-(
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See the Meta for an update from mediocre.
posted by ottereroticist at 8:48 PM on November 13, 2011

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