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Steeping the flowers of the European linden tree Tilia cordata produces a richly colored, deeply aromatic herbal tea. Steeping the otherwise very similar flowers of the otherwise very similar American linden Tilia Americana produces a flavorless, faintly yellow fluid. Where can I reliably obtain the real thing? The two potential sources I've found — Eastern European groceries and Latino bodegas — invariably have the donkey-piss version, even if the labeling on the box would claim otherwise.
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Best answer: SerendipiTea Tilleul. The French are serious about their linden tisanes, and searching for 'tilleul' (the French for the European linden) generally points you in the right direction.
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Are there 'Lidl's in the US? Lidl in Europe carries a good, and cheap, linden tea.
This is quite good, I find it almost too aromatic:
And this is a good organic brand, they sell both loose and baggie but the ordering's to be done in German (search: Lindenblüten):
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Oops. Not sure why the links didn't carry.
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Response by poster: Thanks, holgate, I'll try that manufacturer.

Sorry, Ellie Higginbottom, no Lidl in the US, only Aldi. The products you linked to look wonderful, but shopping for tea on German and Czech websites will probably prove cumbersome and prohibitive for a US resident. I'm looking for a relatively accessible US supplier.
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I think I recall seeing linden tea at Ikea. No idea if it is the good kind.
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Response by poster: You are almost certainly thinking of their elderflower concentrate.
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Best answer: Stash carries a linden flower tea which you can order online. I've only encountered it loose, not brewed, but it smelled memorably delicious.
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