"Come and do it, come on and do it"
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I can't find a song I heard and it's driving me up a wall. I'm pretty sure it's called "Do It".

Turns out, there's a lot of songs called "Do It". I heard a few weeks ago on WFMU. I tried checking their playlists, nada. The song was from the sixties, solo female singer, I think she was either from a girl group or sang backup for a big female act. I'm pretty sure it was called "Do It", the words went something like "come on and do it, come on and do it". It also wasn't released on cd or mp3 as far as I can tell.
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It's not exactly a solo female singer, but The Blackbyrd's song, "Rock Creek Park" from 1976 features a "come and do it, come on and do it" refrain. I've not been able to find the female vocalist identified but it sounds a lot like Merry Clayton, who did do other work with the Blackbyrds. (She's probably best known for singing with Mick Jagger on "Gimme Shelter".)

You can catch the "come on and do it" refrain particularly starting shortly before the 3:00 mark.
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Maybe BT Express "Do It ('til You're Satisified).
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Great song, but actually doesn't meet your criteria.
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Was it The Staple Sisters "Let's Do It Again"?
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Catwash, do you remember what time and day of week you were listening? 'FMU on-air people are usually good about this whole "what song were you playing?" thing if you can track down the right DJ and call/email them.

On preview, I like Bella Sebastian's answer a lot.
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The Hustle by Van McCoy.
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All good suggestions, but nope, not it.

Joey Bagels, I've been racking my mind but I can't remember the dj. If this doesn't work I'm going to try and figure out the DJ or just email them.

Also, I'm pretty certain the song came out in the 60s. It has a very "sixties" sound, a bit like Jimmy Mack. It was pretty obscure though. I remember when I first googled it not even being able to find it on youtube.
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This is a long shot (and actually a very recent song) but I can't resist sharing. Was it by any chance at all "Working Woman Part 1" by the Mighty Macombos with Gizelle Smith? Refrain is "She can do it."
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mirrorball maybe?
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Poppies - Do It With Soul.

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The Crystals, "Let's Dance The Screw".
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