Good political debate podcasts?
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What are some good political debate podcasts? There are plenty of "preaching to the choir" types out there, both left and right, but I'm interested in topical debate with hosts and/or guests that are diametrically opposite, politically speaking.

The only podcast I've found of this kind of format is Left, Right, and Center. Matt Miller is the "centrist" host, while righty Tony Blankley and lefty Robert Scheer go at each other every week. Anything else along those lines?
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You might like The Moral Maze from the BBC.
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Both the Intelligence Squared debates and Bloggingheads are available as podcasts from itunes.
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Bloggingheads is exactly what you're looking for. They very often have a liberal and conservative respectfully debating each other. Many of the "diavlogs" are about politics, though some are about science, religion, philosophy, etc. Here's a list of everyone who's been on it. (Full disclosure: my mom, Ann Althouse, is a regular on the site.)
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Caplis and Silverman in Denver are pretty good. They're a pair of lawyers, one Democrat and one Republican and are obviously friends in real life with lots of respect for each other. It's a call in radio show so there is that and it often deals with Denver/Colorado issues.

RSS here
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Yeah I guess I should mention that a friend of mine works for bloggingheads, but despite that they're a terrific organization and sound right up your alley.
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Seconding "Intelligence Squared". Though less political than you might wish as it generally keeps politics out of the picture and focuses on the issues.
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Intelligence squared as others have mentioned. Also seconding Blogging heads. I am interested in checking out any other suggestions as well.
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