Where can I buy a small amount of black PVC sheeting?
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Where can I purchase a four foot by four foot square (give or take, I'll take 2x8 or 3x4 or whatever else will give me roughly 15 sq feet without being less than a foot wide) of eighth inch thick, flexible, glossy black PVC?

This, at the bottom, is exactly the PVC that I want. But this company only does wholesale, not resale.

I don't know if I'm googling wrong, but I'm finding a lot of companies that do strips for vinyl doors or rigid PVC squares, but I'm not finding eighth inch thick, flexible, black PVC in any sort of retail channels. I've checked McMaster-Carr and Grainger, didn't find what I was looking for there, either.

Any MeFites work at a plastics company and can help me out? Just need this for now, though future, small future orders are a possibility.
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Tap Plastics
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Have you tried Professional Plastics?
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Shower pan liners are close, but probably not close enough.
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Those men are more than nearly naked, by a long shot.

Try Petersen Plastics.
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How about pond liner? Here in the UK most big garden centres (not big box stores like B&Q or Homebase) will have a pond section that will sell you something close to what you need.
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1/8" = 125mil. I'm not finding anything shiny, but that's probably a better unit of dimension to use.
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Does it have to be PVC? Have you tried googling for 1/8" thick vinyl rolls in black?

In New York City, I would try calling Canal Plastics, T&T Plastic Land or Canal Rubber.

If vinyl is ok, maybe try a sign shop or a sign supply store.
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Searching ThomasNet for PVC sheeting gives a list of 118 possible suppliers to dig through. Unfortunately many of these won't do retail sales, but here's one that's got dark gray PVC in the thickness you need.

You're looking for PVC as a dense plastic, not a foam, correct? It looks like PVC foam in sheet form is pretty common, including on McMaster Carr. I don't know a term to specify dense plastic that would make your searching easier. Maybe that's something you could ask the next supplier you contact.

My comment above about the naked men was a response to a link that is now deleted.
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Yeah. My comment that linked to a vendor that sold an 4.5X6 foot sheet was deleted. I got a response from them regarding the thickness and they said it was "approximately 1/8 inches in thickness". I will MeMail you the link with a giant NSFW tag on it (this time).
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