Good Bars for Groups in Portland, OR
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Looking for bars in Portland, OR that are good for groups.

I'm looking for a bar in Portland that would be a good place to have a group event for ~50 people on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Ideally we'd be able to reserve a private room or an area of tables where we can have some space. Failing that, I'm just looking for a bar with an upstairs/chill area/whatever where we could hang out and have it feel like a group event.

We're staying at the Ace Hotel, so either walking distance from there or walking distance from the convention center would be best, though other neighborhoods are fine if they're easy to get to on the Max. The only other requirement is a relatively chill vibe so that we can hear each other talk easily. Our group size is flexible, so I'm really looking for good spaces first and then we can invite the right number of people.

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The Lucky Lab Brewing Company has four brewpubs/beer houses around Portland, including one near downtown Portland, the Lucky Lab Beer Hall on NW Quimby. It's a bit over a mile on foot from the Ace Hotel, but you can take the Streetcar most of the way. It's a bit further from the Convention Center, more like two miles, but again, you can get there via public transport.

I'm sure there are other options, but I was just at this place a week or two ago, so that's why it came to mind.
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Seconding the Lucky Lab. I did a group event in the Beer Hall that bluedaisy notes above. We had a group of about 65 and it was perfect for that size.
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I would look into the Bridgeport Brewpub.
It's a few blocks from the Ace Hotel and you can ride the streetcar.

It's a nice environment with great beer and food.

Check out their event guide and see if it will work for you.
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