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Pub and shopping suggestions in Portland?

Taking the train from Seattle to Portland over the weekend. I've got two things I want to do:
1. Try local brews.
2. Shop for clothes (non-chain stores) at second-hand or Portland-based shops.

I'll be staying downtown. I've been to Portland before, though I'm looking for locals' insights into great places to taste and shop. If there is a market (for clothes) or beer hub for multiple selections so that I can try many things within one stop, feel free to suggest those too.
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Henry's is a trendy but very-well-stocked beer room, a block up from Powell's on Burnside. Within walking distance of Henry's are tasting rooms for Deschutes, Rogue, Bridgeport, and, of course, McMenamins. This is probably your best bet for a walking tour of Portland (or, at least, Oregon) beers.

If you don't mind driving, you can head to SE to the Horse Brass for an oustanding selection of beer (and scotched eggs!)
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I'd skip Henry's. It's cool and they have an astounding beer selection, but it's not local microbrews. Their beer is way overpriced, though their happy hour makes up for it with some good cheap eats. Also, the Horse Brass is an awesome British pub, but it's not local brews.

For Portland beer, I recommend you check out:

The Tugboat, which is a tiny and quirky microbrew pub that I really enjoy. I've had some wonderful stouts here!

The Rogue. Their beer isn't brewed in Portland but it is brewed in Oregon and it is excellent. If you like Rum, they make theirs at this location and they give free tours of the distillery. That's fun.

Bridgeport. It's right on the streetcar line.

McMenamins is about as oddly Portland as it gets.

The New Old Lompoc This is one of my favorites. If you're on NW 23rd, definitely drop by for a pint of their Lompoc Strong, or whatever else they have on tap that piques your curiosity. Their beer is excellent.
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Shopping wise... as long as you're downtown, you might as well hop on the streetcar and head over to NW 23rd ave. Here's a realtime system map for arrivals (handy!)
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Bailey's Taproom on Broadway has a fantastic selection of beers! However, they don't really do food so it's best to stop by when you want to try something different/fantastic. If you do get hungry there you can order off the neighboring taco bar's menu and they'll bring your food over. (Ask the bartender.) It's the only truly annoying thing about the place -- I rarely want a burrito with my fine, fancy Belgian.

I also echo the above sentiments about Henry's -- if you're looking for an expensive mass-market burger, that's your place.

Get the pretzel off the appetizer menu if you go to Descutes. Otherwise I find their food so-so, but I do like the restaurant. Kind of a funky, fun interior. Gets crowded!!

On Burnside for second-hand clothes, there's both the Red Light and Buffalo Exchange. If you're looking for something vintage and swank, check out Decades Vintage.

If you go to Rogue, try their new Chatoe Rogue -- it's yum!
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Mississippi Ave!

And, the Alberta Arts District.
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Green Dragon (um 50 taps, nuff said)
Amnesia Brewing (nestled on Mississippi Ave, more drinking and shopping nearby)
Upright Brewing(super great, unique, local brews)
All are highly recommended. Especially Upright Brewing if you can make it to their taproom on Saturday or Sunday.
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Amnesia Brewing on Mississippi Ave will get you for both beer and thrift store shopping. Plus, it's really easy to get there from downtown--take the max yellow line north (towards the Expo Center), get off at Overlook Park, walk north a block to N. Failing St., then walk east across I5 til you hit Mississippi.
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Here's a site with listings for a whole lotta vintage stores (clothing and furniture). Basically any of the "hip" neighborhoods (i.e. Alberta, Belmont, Hawthorne) has a host of these types of stores.
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So most of the better vintage stores are on the east side, and a lot are centered around the Hawthorne district. This is good news, because there are great breweries around there too.

Hawthorne area vintage stores:

House of Vintage (33rd and Hawthorne). Seriously, this place is CRAZY. It's huge and it's a labyrinth of vintage clothes and objects like you wouldn't believe. Just crazy.

Red Light Clothing Exchange (35 and Hawthorne) - also huge.

Buffalo Exchange (just off Hawthorne and 37).

Recycled Fashion (38 and Hawthorne).

Vintage Pink (not as good, more pricey) is on 25 and Hawthorne.

Right there amongst that cluster of vintage shops are two breweries - Bridgeport and McMenamins (formally called Bridgeport Alehouse and Baghdad Theatre, respectively). They're ok. If you go west on Hawthorne down to the teens, you can go to Lucky Lab and Roots breweries, which are two of my favorite breweries here. They're both on like 7th and Hawthorne.

Up north, you've got ReRun on 7th and NE Fremont. From there you can head up to Alberta or over to Mississippi and hit the places mentioned above (I especially recommend Amnesia).

There's also some vintage stores in the Hollywood District (40's and Sandy area), and while you're there you can hit up the Laurelwood brewery.

That should do you.
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