Chicagoans: which bars are good for groups?
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My Chicago nonprofit is putting together a series of social events for our amazingly wonderful volunteers, including some bar nights. Our usual venue for such revelry recently reconfigured its space and is less group-friendly now, so we are on the hunt for great new places. Where should we explore?

All suggestions are welcome, but we're especially interested in places that:

- Can accommodate a group of about 40 in some kind of designated space (separate room, etc.)
- Are near public transportation (bus is OK, El is even better)
- Have food as an option, but not a requirement
- Will let us reserve space for free or cheap

We're based in River North, but are neighborhood-agnostic.

Thank you! :)
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Black Rock has a big back area and they host private parties.

I am a huge fan of Haymarket. It's the best beer bar in town, and they also do private events, though I suspect Haymarket will be a bit pricier than Black Rock. If you have people coming from suburban areas, though, this might be better, as Haymarket is walking distance to the Metra (Ogilvy and Union).
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The Kerryman and English both have spacious second floors that could accommodate that many. O'Callaghan's is a sleepy little gem, in my opinion, and has a second and third floor. These are all in River North.
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Sheffield's off the Belmont red/brown line stop fits the first three criteria, I don't know about the last. Only caveat is to avoid when Cubs are at home.
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Just to add a caveat to the Sheffield's caveat: also when the Blackhawks are at home.
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I've reserved the upstairs at Deliah's in Lincoln Park several times for gatherings. Depending on your group, it might not be the vibe you're looking for, but for an inclusive package, $5-10 per person per hour is hard to beat.
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Have no idea about cost at either, but I have been to events in the upstairs rooms at Fizz on N. Lincoln and Belmont, and Revolution Brewing on Milwaukee.

And let me second Haymarket, because I love them.

You could also try Reza's on Ontario in the Loop; they have a lovely second floor, the food is delicious, and the cost is very reasonable.
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I was totally coming in to suggest Black Rock. We used to have monthly meet ups there.

Piece has a small area that is separate from the restaurant that they rent out. I have no idea what the cost would be.

Hopleaf has an upstairs room, but again, I'm not certain what the cost would be.
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Response by poster: Fantastic. Thank you so much, everyone! :)
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