Can I see the Northern Lights?
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Can I see the Aurora Borealis tonight in New England?

So the local newscast claims I will be able to see some kickin' Northern Lights tonight, due to solar flares or some other alien nonsense. I am at the corrected geomagnetic latitude 53 (ish.). I could easily hop in the car and drive northish for a bit if it is worth it. I spun around the local golf course and things looked...somewhat bright? But that might be my hopeful subconscious talking.

So, ah, any tips on this? Has anybody seen a good light show tonight? How the heck do I know it's the Northern Lights and not, like, emergency flood lights at the power plant or something?

Bonus: Is it worth packing up my 90-year-old grandma for this? She likes an adventure, but she's a tough crowd: anything less than a laser show will fall flat.
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Here's a few links that should help you. Map of Aurora activity
Dark Sky Finder says it's been seen as far south as Maryland, so you've probably got a pretty good chance at seeing something.
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Oh, also Cloud cover Your profile says you're in New York State, so looks like you have partial cloud cover.
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We had a beautiful display in central Michigan tonight. It has died down now, but there may be more later.
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Generally on nights like this one, I get decent shows here in New Hampshire. But last night was rain.

If you see them, you'll know.
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Thanks, guys! Grandma Snarl and I packed it in and went to bed, but I'm going to keep an eye on some of the monitoring sites in case we get another chance.
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