What websites give practical explanations of moog terminology and usage?
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Looking for the best websites and books that explain the theory and practice of synthesizer use, particularly the use of a Moog.

I bought the AniMoog app and it is quite neat, but I don't understand all the buttons and screens and terminology.

I have a very rudimentary grasp of musical theory and have no intention of inflicting the sounds I create on anyone. I understand that any practical information on the websites will not match with the little toy moog app, but the overarching ideas should be the same.

I tried googling for information, but I didn't even know what terms to use or what good resources look like. I also tried looking for previous questions, but it seems like my question is more elementary than the others.
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Thanks b1tr0t! I know so little that I didn't even understand that distinction about the AniMoog. I basically bought the app on a whim because it looked like a fun toy. I had read the manual, but since I know so little about even the basic principles I got more confused.

Now to settle down to read all of those articles in the link!
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Just stumbled across this Animoog Tutorial on Youtube.
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