What did we eat?
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What was the black or brown or dark red grain we ate with the aperitivo this week in Milan? It was served as a salad, mixed with green peas, some onion and anchovy. And yummy.

So, mrs. vs and me spent a few days in Milan this week. Yes, enjoyed it greatly, thanks!
We joined the aperitivo one evening at Luca & Andrea on the Naviglio Grande, where they served a dish described above. Descriptive detail limited by the amount of light. The main ingredient was some kind of dark grain, rugby-ball shaped, with two or three ridges along the long end, about 5-6 mm long. Is this a kind of rice, or some other grain? I want it.
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It could have been riso venere (sometimes called "black venus rice" in English). Here's a picture of a dish made with it. Here's a plainer dish.
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Best answer: Was it possibly farro? It's more common in Italy than elsewhere. It's brownish, of similar size and VERY tasty.
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It does sound like farro; I just had some last night.
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Response by poster: I looked up a few images of farro, and the shape of the grains looks right, but the colour was definitely darker... Maybe the fish taste was actually squid ink?
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Best answer: You can darken farro by toasting it in a pan before adding liquid; it also could darken from the liquids it's cooked with -- so yeah, squid ink, or some balsamic, or something else could be a possibility.

Hell, even if it's not what you ate in Milan, you should get some -- it's good stuff.
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Here's some farro cooked with squid ink.
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I'm guessing squid ink orzo. Not really a grain, but a bit grain-like.
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