Replacing my brother's old camcorder with something slightly less old
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Looking for a decent HD-capable video camera to replace my brother's old Sony Handicam

I don't want something brand new, however, as I don't have that much money to spend on him. Ideally I'd like to find something a year or two old, shoots 720p, and is similar in form and function to his old camera (though I'd definitely prefer something that uses SD cards instead of MiniDV tapes). No Flip-like pocket cameras or P&S digital cameras capable of shooting video.
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A specific recommendation needs a specific budget, but I'd recommend anything in the Canon Vixia line.
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Good point, I suppose I should have included that. Something around $250-$300 would be great.
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The Vixia HF R200 might fit the bill. $329, records to SD cards, has good reviews. I've never used this particular model but I've used other Canon HD cameras and have always been pleased with the image and build quality.
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