I H8 U, YT!
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Youtube, why you suck so much? More inside... (Not SLYT)

1. The ONLY reason I have Flashblock installed is because Youtube insists on autoplaying every video, despite my personal settings. WTF, Youtube?
Question: Does anyone know a way to stop Youtube from autoplaying?

2. Often I meet a long list of awesome music links, such as this recent one of rap by Bunny Ultramod. So far, my path to listening is to select the list, run the script Open Links (which, thanks to Metafilter's player feature, opens each link twice), add each video manually to the playlist (avoiding dupes), close all but one Youtube tab, turn off Flashblock, get a sandwich because this is taking so long, and hit Play.
Question: does anyone have an easier method?
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I use a Greasemonkey script called YousableTubeFix that will take care of this. It works on embedded videos and also lets you set lots of options for regular YouTube video pages, including hiding comments, video size/quality, etc.
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Best answer: An aside, but you sound like a good candidate for Minitube. It would also solve your autoplay issue.
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Stop autoplay in Opera + CleanTube.
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2nding YouseableTubeFix. Literally every conceivable thing you might ever want to fix about YouTube can be tweaked.
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Response by poster: Chrysostom, Stop autoplay isn't compatible with FF v5 (yet). However, that led me to TubeStop 4, which does the trick nicely.

Thanks to all. Now, anyone know how to turn a list of links into a playlist?
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