Couples counseling in NYC
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I am just about at my wit's end with my boyfriend. Please recommend a couples counselor in New York (Manhattan, specifically).

My BF has been living with me for over a year. I am not the best person to bring up issues that need to be discussed, and he has a tendency to lash out in ways that make me feel defensive. Combine that with financial stress and general non-compatible lifestyles, and I am just about ready to snap. I love him dearly, but I just don't know if I can live with him anymore, and desperately need to clear the air. For months, I have been terrified to bring up my concerns between just the two of us. Please feel free to email me at the throwaway address:

Thank you!
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Kevin Kulic PhD.
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I don't have a therapist recommendation but I have to ask: are you scared that he might physically harm you? Either way, you might do better getting your own therapist for a while to work through why you feel that you can't talk to him about things that are important to you. I'm not blaming you in any way but it might be good to explore what's going on here.
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