Map of Los Angeles area
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Is there a map available online of the boundaries of the cities around Los Angeles? For example, the map would show the streets where places like Culver City, Bell, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, etc. begin and end. Bonus points if the map shows neighborhoods within LA proper. Double bonus points if it includes light rail and commuter rail.

Google maps is not acceptable as it doesn't show boundaries, and doesn't differentiate neighborhoods from cities. Also I don't care about school districts or anything like that that could span multiple cities.
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Mapping L.A. overlays those boundaries on Google Maps: e.g. Culver City.
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Response by poster: Is there a way to show all the cities on one map?
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Are the boundaries you're looking for on OpenStreetMap?
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This map on might be helpful. Although it only maps L.A. it shows all the borders of the surrounding areas. (In other words, Santa Monica is just a white space on the map, but you can find all the L.A. city borders around it.) The NBH icon in the toolbar will let you enter specific intersections, too.

Another thought: You might want to call up a few pizza places and ask if they know of an online version of those giant delivery-area maps they usually have.
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It might take some digging, but the LA County planning department has a wealth of GIS data that has at least some of what you are looking for.
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Within the last year the L.A. Times did an online project of this sort, specifically trying to determine where neighborhoods start and end. (Many are far less defined than, say, Brentwood - for instance, where exactly does "mid-wilshire"end.) Sorry I can't find it for you now but if you go to their website you can track it down.
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super quick and dirty, but I created a map on ArcGIS online that shows census boundaries and transportation information. You can search for and add more layers (you may have to register for a free account).
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(zoom in to see the city/town boundaries in blue)
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Response by poster: I found this, which lets you zoom in and click on city names to see the boundaries. Unfortunately it gets a bit messy with LA.
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