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My mother is still using (clinging to!) that old Cardfile program from a very old version of Windows (maybe 3.0 or something) for all of her contacts. I found this link explaining a workaround to convert crd files for use in Outlook, but the links in the first workaround are old and dead and the second workaround requires an old Windows machine, which I don't have. This article is pretty old (2001). Anyone have any ideas for how to convert these old .crd files to a newer version of Outlook?
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I haven't tried this, but you may be able to use this file, from this page.

"Use Transfile.exe (61kb) to convert the Cardfile entries to a tab-delimited file, then use IEW. You may need to edit the import source file with another program to clean it up first."
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Here's a good link to the 'Import/Export Pack' mentioned in Workaround1 -- sch_suplfilt
This is via the Scheduler+ FAQ found at Microstoft Scheduler Plus FAQ
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I am s-l-o-w-l-y making small progress on this. Converting to text is a bit of a problem since this is a LARGE file, and there are several conventions that make just using large edit copy/edit paste virtually impossible before importing to Outlook. I'm having some luck with the Import/Export file from sdinan, but right at the end, I get this error msg: "Unable to logon application. Not sure what that means, but I'm wondering if I might need to get the full Scheduler program. I found an old NT version on the Scheduler+ FAQ mentioned about.

I can't believe she's still using this! Even the next generation of software after this one is prehistoric by today's terms!
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AZZCardfile is a shareware program that can import .crd and output to Outlook.
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Man, Cardfile was great. When we had to do our senior-year research papers in '93, everyone else used index cards and a little plastic box for their references/footnotes. I used Windows Cardfile. When it came time to "hand in" the cards with the report to be graded, I printed them out, taped them to actual index cards, and handed in a plastic box of cards like everyone else.
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I can't believe she's still using this! Even the next generation of software after this one is prehistoric by today's terms!

We still use this in the (nonprofit, donated computers) office where I work.

Our Exec Director was offered a free Dell last year, but declined to take it when she found out that her 7000+ cardfile contacts wouldn't port.

People get attached to useful programs. *shrug*
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Yes, the program can be useful, but since this was originally written for several Windows versions ago, there is this risk that the next version of Windows won't be able to run it at all. You risk losing all of your data.

FYI: I've started having some luck with this. These links are really helping. I was able to convert to the Scheduler+. I just had to install the whole program. It's working fairly well. Hope I can get the other CRD files to work.
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OK, I'm back from my visit with my mom, but the suggestions were great, and I got it working.
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