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I really like squidfingers' background patterns. Anyone know of other sites offering graphics with a similar aesthetic, or that are also awesome?
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Beat me to it!
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Tile Machine is a handy way to attempt to make your own backgrounds. You can see a Gallery of User Designs too.
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Sigh. I was also going to suggest taz and the Tile Machine.

You can see a tile I made on the Tile Machine here (not my site and you're free to use the tile if you wish) and if you look at my MeFi profile, and taz's for that matter, you can see taz's tiles in use.
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ooh! I just saw this. At my site you might want to start with the bloggrounds section, as it's easiest to see the most tiles quickly. There are fewer in the patterns section, but you can view by color.

There's also a list of places offering backgrounds I like on my linkblog. And, oops, I just noticed that I've failed to add one of my great favorites The Inspiration Gallery (click "wallpaper").
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Thanks team! Taz, your stuff is rad. I'll have a good time redesigning this eve.
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Give me something with paisleys and I'll be happy!
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