help for mouth burn?
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In a moment of unusual gracefulness, I burned the inside of my mouth on some criminally hot food the other night. (bonus: I was on a date! So the shrieking/spitting combo was really attractive.) Help for pain/healing?

There's a couple of patches on the inside of my cheek towards the lower jaw line that were blistered, with the skin coming off. I swished around some peroxide mouth wash the first night, and have been dabbing on Oragel ever since (plus putting wax on my braces' brackets that are right next to the spots to avoid rubbing). I'm seeing my oral surgeon for a checkup next week anyway, so I figure I'd tell him then instead of trying to see a doctor any sooner. Are there any other things I could be doing or better products to use to speed the healing and minimize the pain? I've barely been able to eat anything since it happened. (Also: fried zucchini is dead to me, dead!)

P.S. coulda sworn that there was an AskMe about mouth burns before, but damned if I can find it.
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Milk (I have used skim milk) helps if you can drink (actually just holding a mouthful) some right after the burn occurs.
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Time. You'll just have to wait.
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Sounds like you're doing/done all the right things. Don't skimp with the Oragel. I guess I would try to be particularly finicky with the wax before bed so that it has more opportunity to heal (ie. use a lot). But mouth mucosa heals very fast. It will probably be cleared up by the time of your appointment. Drink smoothies! And if he doesn't ring back he's a cad!
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There was a canker sore thread, some of that advice might help. But I think peacay is right, I've only ever had success with a peroxide/anbesol combination every couple of hours.
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I don't have any advice, but as a unfortunately frequent severe-mouth-burner, I just want to extend my condolences.

And lots of ice cream.
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Like peacay says, you mouth heals faster than pretty much anything else. The first time I used a microwave I burned my mouth terribly and ended up off solids for a week. Cool milk, pudding, and smoothies are great. Protein powder in the smoothies will pretty much turn them into a meal, which will help with the hunger. Also, you can think of this as a good excuse for lots of ice cream.

Hang in there -- it'll get better fast.
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Biotene mouthwash seems to help cure mouth ouchies of all kinds. Maybe it will help you, too.

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Try to avoid poking it with your tongue as much as possible. It will be hard, you'll do it without thinking, but as soon as you find yourself doing it, stop. And as everyone else has said, it will heal faster than you think.
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My dentist has been known to share with me a bottle of that really, really good stuff that tastes like bubble gum that they use to kill your mouth before they put in the shot. Use a Q-tip to avoid contamination of the bottle. It will kill anything, pain-wise, although it doesn't last forever and it tastes more like a plastic mockery of bubble gum.
(I have a real good relationship with my dentist, and have spent enough there to put one of his kids through a year of college. YMMV.)
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aloe vera juice, lots of it. the purer, the better -- you'll see, it literally hits the spot
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Lustra, since you've listed no contact info in yr profile, I'm afraid I'm going to have to do this here: Please don't sign your posts with your username. It's already done for you (posted by lustra at 11:26 AM PST on June 11).

Oh I know, I'm so out of line.

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(don't take aloe if you take laxatives, by the way)
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Try this (the sealing one) or something like it. It forms a dry barrier over the burn and keeps you from poking it with your tongue, and you can eat without bothering it too. I've had terrific results with a similar product the name of which I can't recall, but which came in a tube and was more of a paste, and which was probably purchased at Target.
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Contact your doc and see if they would call in some viscous lidocaine. It can be used via "swish and spit" to numb the lesions. Works well.
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Ice! All-natural, always around, and extremely good for numbing the pain.

Also, here's the mouth-burns thread, and a bonus thread about bitten tongues.
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