Dinner and spa suggestions in Calistoga
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We have one dinner and one afternoon in or around Calistoga. Where should we eat? Should we do the mud/mineral bath thing? If so, where?

The Boy and I are heading up to Calistoga tomorrow for a little birthday getaway with a bit of wine tasting and culminating in (what I hope will be) a seriously epic dinner at Cyrus in Healdsburg Saturday night.

We're staying at The Chanric Inn and getting massages when we get there. Any thoughts on where to have dinner that night? With Cyrus in our future, some place casual but fun and tasty would be ideal.

On Saturday, we're pondering a few hours of the Calistoga spa thing, but find the options a bit overwhelming. We won't want massages (having had one not 24 hours previous) but lounging and soaking in a relaxing and reasonably lush atmosphere sounds tempting. Have a favorite?
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The restaurant at the Calistoga Inn is very good and not fancy. They also make their own beer.
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Wow, let me try that again, since I meant to hit 'link' instead of 'post.'

The restaurant at the Calistoga Inn is very good and not fancy. They also make their own beer.

It's a nice restaurant, but not a stuffy one.
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I've heard that Indian Springs is awesome. That pool certainly looks awesome.

Oh god Cyrus is SO GOOD. Get the cheese plate! And the everything-else-you-can-eat.
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I keep hearing fantastic things about Jo Le, but they're only open for dinner, so I keep missing them.
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I really enjoy the mudbaths there (I go to Golden Haven), but some people freak out about the very idea. It's not mud so much as spongy mossy stuff. It can be very warm, though. Rinse off very well -- you will find dirt in places dirt is not meant to go. You use garden hoses at Golden Haven.

For food, I just like getting a sammich made at the grocery store at the end of the street (Cal something -- name escapes me), and then hitting a winery to eat it outside. Frank Family has some picnic tables and a nice dog under the trees, and if you go inside you can pester the folks with questions about Marilyn Monroe, who used to go there to drink champagne back in the day. Clos Pegase has a sculpture garden of sorts, but not enough trees for my picnicking needs. Wines are nice, too.

Happy birthday!
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Just wanted to drop in and say that since the bar snacks and cocktails we had at the bar at Cyrus were epically epic, your actual dinner may be epic enough to cause tears and speechlessness. Have fun!
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