Sanity in spa form?
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I'll be wrapping up a stressful period of work and have a long weekend coming up. I'd like to find a spa, or hotel with spa within 4-5 hours radius of NYC to just veg.

Our major event wraps this week and after way too many 12-16 hour days, I'm escaping for a long weekend. I just want some quiet and to get away so I'm ruling out the umpteen million day spas in NYC.

Ideally, no flight required because I don't want the hassle of air travel to take away from relaxing. I love trains so anything on Amtrak and/or Metro North would be fine, but I don't know where to start. I'll fly if there's somewhere wow and airfare isn't ridiculous.
I don't have a car but could rent one for the weekend for the right place.

Spa not exactly a necessity, but I equate it with lots of relaxing places so that's where I'm starting my search. Just want somewhere I can veg and enjoy the scenery or light things to do. Quiet would be nice. Can be either B&B type or corporate hotel (I love the spas at Westins and Ws, for example), but didn't see any in enticing locations for next weekend. Less about the place being exciting, but I don't want to go to another large city.

Considered and ruled out:
- Buttermilk Falls Inn - gorgeous, no availability
- Mohonk Mountain House - way out of my price range. I have some money to treat/spoil myself but not to the tune of $528/night.

Any suggestions/ experiences / ideas? Thanks!
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Best answer: I've heard good things about the Gideon Putnam and associated Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga Springs. (Amtrak goes there! About a four-hour trip.)
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The Roxbury Motel is quirky, friendly, and beautiful. They have two spas, one very tiny, but very relaxing. The steam room and the relaxation lounge in the larger spa are fantastic. The grounds, the surroundings... just lovely.

There's a set of resorts in New Jersey all clustered around the same general area. Click along the left side of the menu to see them all -- Minerals, Grand Cascades Lodge, etc.
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Best answer: Seconding Saratoga Springs. Those baths are heavenly.
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Best answer: Recommend the Chateau Inn in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Beautiful old building from the 1800s right at the foot of the lake, all redone rooms with plasma tvs, soaking tubs & Aveda products, balconies - reasonable room rate includes extensive continental style breakfast in the garden room each morning. There's lots of nice walking in the area including the oceanfront (boardwalk not as damaged by Superstorm as most in the area) plus all the neat Third Avenue shops. Taxi or walk to restaurants in the area or get something to-go from the great Italian deli down the block. For spa options I believe they have an arrangement with the local Hand & Stone.
You can take the New Jersey Coast line train from Penn Station, get out at Spring Lake and walk to the Inn. Owner operated, really nice people, beautiful inn (tho' the website is underwhelming).
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Response by poster: wow, the Saratoga Springs place looks *beautiful*. As an added plus, I have family in Albany so I could conceivably spend two nights there and one with family on way back to NYC.

the Parlor at the Chateau Inn is amazing and I love the decor of the Roxbury. Used to ski at Mountain Creek, had no idea.

These are all good and you hit the nail on the head for me in the kind of vibe I like. Thanks all!
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Response by poster: I didn't end up going away the weekend I wanted due to a family complication, but I'm writing this from the Cheateu Inn in Spring Lake. It's amazing and the weather, with finally being spring, is nice if a bit rainy.
I look forward to trying Gideon Putnam for my next getaway.

Thanks all.
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Response by poster: and I just hit Gideon Putnam. What an amazing and restful place. Highly recommend it. They do transfers from Amtrak station making it super simple.
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