Should duhat wine be served cold?
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At what temperature should Filipino duhat (plum) wine be served?

That's really all I need to know. My google-fu is failing me.
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I can't speak specifically about Filipino plum wine, but if it's anything like Japanese ume-shu, it should be served chilled. I personally find ume-shu to usually be a bit too cloyingly sweet, and will occasionally make a kind of plum wine spritzer with club soda.
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I would serve it chilled - the times I've had pear or plum wine it's been served at the same temp you might serve a rose.

But I am so, so not a wine expert.
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I'm not a wine expert, but I have worked in the alcohol field for several years.

It would depend on the sweetness of the wine. White sweet wines are served cold, but not icy. Stick it in the fridge for an hour or so. Red dessert wines are served slightly below room temperature. If this wine is anything like umeshu*, keep it in the fridge until serving (then maybe let sit for 10 min before serving, if you wish to be fussy.) If it is sweet, it should go spectacularly with spicy food.

If it is a dry style wine, serve around 55F. If it's dry, and made from plums, I'd imagine it would be like a dry-style gew├╝rztraminer and would have the same food pairing and serving temperatures.

*which is more like a ume-infused, sweetened grain alcohol. American umeshu/plum wine is a sweet white wine with plum flavoring added. My recommendation is for either styling.
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