Internet communities for the California Gold Rush?
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I have an interest in reading about / discussing the California Gold Rush. Are there any good communities devoted to discussing/researching this on the web? Mailing lists, websites, it doesn't matter.
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I'd be interested in a California history community in general if the Gold Rush is too specific.
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Does ECV count? Their stated interests are bars, brothels, and blacksmiths, but really they like all of that era's Northern California history.

They do a ton of research.

Helps if you're male.
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Have you talked to anyone from the California Historical Society?
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Reddit - US History
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The Clampers are invite only and the CHS doesn't seem to mention any sort of online discussion in their membership pitch.
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The folks behind the upcoming S.F. Silver Rush documentary City of White Gold might have some connections. They also have a Facebook page for the film where you might want to post and see if anyone wants to talk.
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There's also CASANFRA mailing list, which is mostly about SF/California genealogy, but people do post more general discussions. You could certainly sign up and see if anyone else recommends anything.
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Have nothing to offer in regard to discussion, but for reading would like to recommend Gold Dust by Donald Dale Jackson.
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I would recommend contacting ECV anyway. They do a lot of research and would probably love to point you in the direction of more, of groups, and possibly even invite you, though I don't know that I, personally, would be up for being a member. Among other things, and besides the whole being female thing, I just don't drink enough.
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