No umbrella means he'll have to be P-chan instead.
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Where can I buy a red paper umbrella/parasol in Toronto?

My son is dressing as Ryoga Hibiki for Hallowe'en. He needs a red paper umbrella to complete his outfit. Do you know of specific stores, say in Chinatown or in Asian malls in/around the GTA (e.g., PMall) that would carry such an item? I've been to places in Mississauga--no luck. Plenty of other colours and patterns, no solid red ones.

Alternatively, if you know of websites where I can order the item and not end up paying a fortune in shipping, that'd be great too.

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I haven't ordered from this place personally, but Luna Bazaar is pretty much all over the wedding planning blogs (where I heard about them) and generally spoken of highly. They carry parasols in a wide variety of colors, including red.
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Oh, rats, I somehow passed right over the Toronto part, and it looks like Luna Bazaar only ships to the U.S.

There is also the Paper Lantern Store, which I think does ship to Canada, and the prices should be similarly inexpensive.
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I'd try local wedding stores -- they're probably easier to call and ask for stock than the chinatown areas are -- just start calling wedding places and asking if they have these, it's not-uncommon wedding item.
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You could probably get one from J-Town. Not at the grocery store (Heisei Mart) but at the housewares shop across from it. It's near Steeles and the 404 so unless you live in the area you probably want to call ahead to see if they have it.
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Best answer: there are a few stores on Spadina close to Dundas that sell them close to and possibly including Tap Phong
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Best answer: If you walk along the west side of Spadina from College to Dundas, you will see at least 3 if not 5 or more stores selling parasols of that style; they tend to be nylon rather than paper, but look the same as the one in the photo. Red is an unsual colour - I've seen it, but only in solid (no pattern); I believe that Harvest Trading on the west-side of Spadina just north of Nassau should have some (in adult and child size), but if they don't, keep walking down.

(I own two parasols in this style).
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Oh - and Spadina may be awkward for you to get to, but you can save money: the parasols are $4 each.
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If you cna' tfind it, just buy something convenient that's shaped right. Apply red spray paint. Ideally find a red-patterned one so the underside looks red enough and you just paint the top.

(Though, paint might stick to itself, so make sure it's super-dry, paint it now and don't fold it up till he needs the costume)
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Response by poster: Got a red nylon kid-sized umbrella for $4. :) Thanks!
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