Restoring older MSWord color options
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Restoring MS Word 04 Color Palette in Word 11?

I had a system where I was organizing information in MS Word 04 by coding text with specific colors. Since then I have upgraded to the Mac Lion OS which also required upgrading to Word 11. The problem is Word 11 has entirely different text color options. While 04 used bright primary colors, 11 uses muted hues which I have trouble visually discriminating. Is there a way to restore the color options from Word 04 in Word 11 so I can continue organizing my documents in the way I'm accustomed?
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The "Standard Colors" are still there, and if you click on the "More colors" option, the third pane over (the squares) has the "Apple" palette and the "Web Safe" palette that both have lots of strong primary colors.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I did see that there, but it's still inadequate since it's A) only a fraction of the previous color options I was using and B) since each color change now requires burrowing through two to three menus instead of one. That's why I'd just like to replace the entire new 'theme color' options with the older ones, if that's possible.
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Welp, I took a look at Word 2008, and it uses the same text color pallete as 2011, so I'd have to guess that when they rewrote Office in Cocoa, that was the palette module they created. I doubt there's a way to get the older version working in 2008/2011, but if you find a way, let me know.
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