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I love this new Mika music video, Elle Me Dit. Really almost an obsession for some reason. Anyway, I feel like I recognize several of the actors/actresses in the video from other things but can't figure out what or find a list of their names. Can anyone tell me who these people are? Particularly the mom, the grandmother, the dad, and the blonde daughter. Thanks!

I apologize if the answer is buried somewhere in youtube comments and I just missed it among all the french I can't read. Also, as a bonus, if anyone knows where I can buy this song and/or this music video online in the US, I'd love to know. I see it's on iTunes France, but I can't find it on either iTunes US or Spotify US.
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Best answer: The mom is the brilliantly named Fanny Ardant.
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Response by poster: Thanks MuffinMan! I recognize her from the 1995 movie Sabrina, I now realize. One down...
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Best answer: This page seems to be trying to identify the actors. They've found two at least, Axel Huet (the young man) and Séverin Bavarel (the curly-haired guy). (It doesn't say how they deduced this, so take it with a grain of salt.)
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