How to get exposure for my video mashup?
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Where can I get exposure for my mashup / DIY-music-video?

I made a really, really good mashup of a song and a movie (well, a movie edited down to ten minutes). Seriously, it's fucking great; it came out really well. Is there anywhere I can send it to get exposure? Any contests I could enter it in? (It's a little too long for youtube, and google video doesn't get much traffic. And obviously I can't link to it here or I'll be rightly crucified for self-promotion.)
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10 minutes is too long for YouTube?... If that's the case, can you edit it a little more to bring it in under their time-limit?... You could also try LiveDigital.
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It's already working, I want to see it.
posted by ill3 at 10:18 PM on March 22, 2007

I say it's crucifixion time, post it, we must hear it, so great you say. We want blood We want to see this./

What do you mean it's too long for UToob¿ Do they have time limits on their posts¿ I wasn't aware of that. Stay away from contests, they're a crock.
—signed, Timbaland
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I know, post it over at
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As far as I'm aware, you can post videos of far longer than 10 minutes if you have a certain sort of account at YouTube.
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Post it to Projects.
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If you apply for a Director account on YouTube they remove the 10 minute restriction. Then you can come back here and post it inline with the new fancy YouTube-Metafilter feature :)
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Try Get Your Bootleg On. They're a friendly crowd, although they are primarily interested in audio/audio remixes/mash ups not video.
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