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Okay, MTV generation (which is probably most of us?) ... we all know that songs themselves can make one cry, but has a music video ever made you cry? I mean cry from sadness, not because the video was a terrible example of the concept "art".
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Live to Tell
posted by pieoverdone at 8:33 AM on October 5, 2004

I always got hooked in by Sinead O'Connor's big teary eyes in Nothing Compares 2 U.
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Response by poster: I had never cried over a video--not even videos for songs that made me cry--until I saw the video for "Good Weather for Airstrikes" by Icelandic band sigur rós a couple of years ago.

The video (not gonna link it because of its con. tro. vers. ial. con. tent.) was all slo-mo, various clips of people, with the two main characters sharing a tender kiss in a slow reveal shot that just slayed my emotions, returning me to an angsty gay teenager of 15. I was amazed that it took, what, 17 years? for a music video to make me cry, and so I thought to ask everyone else.
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'Hurt', the Johnny Cash video. It kills me every time.
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I find the "Don't Dream It's Over" video very moving. Not sure it ever elicited full-fledged tears, but still, it's very effective.
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No real tears, but Soul Asylum's video for Runaway Train, with all the photos of missing kids, moved me.
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Well, all of Haircut 100's videos made me feel suicidal. or homicidal. or something.
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I will also admit to getting misty during "Every Rose Has It's Thorn," and "What It Takes."

I had just been dumped. Fuck you.
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Nothing Compares 2 U
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Cried? No. Though I remember seeing Ah-Ha's Take On Me as a kid and thinking it was pretty touching stuff.

God kids are dumb.
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No actual tears, but the video for UNKLE's 'Rabbit in Your Headlights' always upsets me a little, then takes my breath away.
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Here's a second for HURT.
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Not sadness, but the sheer nutty joy of the Bjork video "It's Oh So Quiet" tends to bring a happy tear or two for me, especially the crane shot at the end.
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Everybody Hurts by REM where everyone is stuck in the traffic jam with their little desperate sadnesses.
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Thanks for the tip on that video, Wolfdaddy. I've been listening to Sigur Ros for a while, but had never seen any of their videos (where does one see a video anymore?). When he gave him the dolls, I felt a tear start to come out.

Absolutely amazing, but I don't get why it is controversial. Am I being obtuse? I mean, they both appear to be minors but it's just a kiss, so what gives?
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Hurt - absolutely
Days Go By (Dirty Vegas)
November Rain (GnR)

Ok, so I cry easy.
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Response by poster: I mean, they both appear to be minors but it's just a kiss, so what gives?

They're both boys?

jessamyn, I'd never seen that video! Shows you how long ago I gave up on "music television". Thanks for the link.
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Second for "Runaway Train." I've never shed tears over any video, but this comes closest.
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Another vote for Sinead O'Connor, gets me every time.
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I, too, find "Hurt" a very poignant video.

But the video that got me when I was kid, the one I remember more than any other because it literally gave me chills the first time I saw it, made tears well in my eyes, was a-ha's "Take on Me". I still get misty when I see it, but mostly I wonder at how easily moved I was as a teenager.
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That montage video after September 11th set to Live's "Overcome."
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A fifth (!) for "Hurt." You can see it here (Quicktime). I saw it after June died, and it did me in.

I don't remember being moved by many videos as a kid, though I do recall being frustrated at Aimee Mann's character in the "Voices Carry" video for not leaving her oaf of a boyfriend. (Though perhaps she did after the opera scene.)
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Accord on all of the well-known aboves. Watching Kurt Cobain sing All Apologies, too, and even (though it's mostly internal, U2's New Year's Day), but if the test here is: the song, without the video *doesn't* have the same effect, then no.
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Wow, I can't believe "Time After Time" is being slept on in favor of "Take on Me." She has pink hair! And she's crying! On the bus!

Also you can't tell me the video for Metallica's "One" didn't beat the crap out of you. Nope, not hearing it.
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Hurt by Johnny Cash, but only because I saw the video for the first time on the day he died.

Also, one of the videos by Our Lady Peace - Thief, perhaps? The one about sick and dying children, where the band members are sitting on a bench in the rain.
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Yep. Hurt. Floodgates. I also like DMB's Crash Into Me vid. And on preview: I totally forgot about Time After Time. Good one.
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Hurt just made me misty-eyed here at work. And the sigur ros video is one of my favorites, I'm sure I cried the first time I saw it.
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I have cried to most of these at one point or another (altho I don't know metallica from a hole in the ground), and I tend get weepy it if the artist has since died (cobain, curtis, staley).

But this question actually made me think of Godley and Creme's "Cry." Thank god there's not a video for "I'm not in love." I'd probably be inconsolable.
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"Hurt", definitely, but also "Veronica" by Elvis Costello. I've always loved this song, but Costello's brief spoken intro and coda, plus the delicate, playful way he would occasionally sing along to the recorded track, pulls me in every time. The actresses who played the character were absolutely perfect as well.

Crap. I'm getting a little bit misty just typing this. Maybe I just have a thing about old survivors entering their final years.
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My Name is Luka, Nothing Compares to U, that Sigur Ros video (which i only saw online, not on MTV).

And if i had ever seen videos for these, i would have cried, no doubt: Being Boring, and Dreaming of the Queen, by Pet Shop Boys.
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Dirty Boots, by Sonic Youth.
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Heaven by Bryan Adams, where he's singing to a theater filled with TV sets.

I was nine. Fuck you.
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Hurt, as others have mentioned is one. Top of the World from the Dixie Chicks is another. Also, Tell Me I was Dreaming from Travis Tritt. That last one gets me choked up just *thinking* about it right now. The songs alone didn't push me over the edge, but the videos were just an overload.
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The Crash Test Dummies' Superman's Song. Something about all those over-the-hill superheroes just tears me up.
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Family Portrait by none other than Pink (the one where Pink is singing as a "ghost" with herself as a kid going through a divorce, and the little girl is mouthing the words).
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The video for Coldplay's "The Scientist" got me a little.
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Hurt made me misty-eyed. Soul Asylum's video for Runaway Train made me bawl like a baby. Of course, I was also PMSing for the first time in my life, which probably helped.
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Hurt, again. But I know another one ...

These Are The Days of Our Lives. Queen. An almost spectral Freddie Mercury singing his heart out just months before his own final curtain call.
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"Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel. Her father, the boat, the waves, the overcranked black-and-white photography does it for me.
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"All is Full Of Love" by Bjork can get me anytime I see it.. It just seems so cold and sad and beautiful all at the same time.
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Sputnik7 is a music video haven, last I checked. It gravitates towards the indie, so, I don't know about November Rain, or anything, but check it out.
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Try Mogwai's 'Hunted by a Freak' (10.1mb quicktime here) - very sad stuff indeed.
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Radiohead's "No Surprises". That video is fucking amazing.
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"Show Must Go On" by Queen.

And if you didn't get a lump in your throat seeing Johnny Cash's Hurt video you have no soul.
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Art Garfunkel's 'Bright Eyes' with the 'Watership Down' clip.
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I was just about to say "No Rain" by Blind Melon - although that's crying in a happy kind of way - and also "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M...

But obiwanwasabi's suggestion just did it for me. Hell, the book makes me cry, the song makes me cry, and the filmclip makes me cry. About rabbits. Sheesh.
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"Hold On" by Good Charlotte - with a whole bunch of people who'd lost loved ones to suicide. I started bawling and was embarrassed that my dog witnessed me crying at a Good Charlotte video.
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I'll agree on most of the above, especially Hurt. Recently, though, the Low Morale video for Radiohead's Creep made me cry like a baby, at my desk at work. (No, I like my job just fine...). Something about that leap out the window was almost hopeful in its desperation, and I lost it.
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Black Hole Sun.

I was under the influence of some, er, chemicals at the time and I made the mistake of turning on the TV to look for something I recognized. Baaaaaaaaaad idea.
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obiwanwasabi wins. Fucking "Bright Eyes," man. Good god. Sad and really damn creepy.

I'll also go with "Hurt," of course. And apparently I'm a sucker for videos in which the singer cries, because "Nothing Compares 2 U," "Family Portrait," and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" get to me.

The end of "Take On Me" gives me chills, but not tears.
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Man, I just watched Hurt again...and wept like a little girl. That's probably the most powerful video as far as making me actually cry.

My name is Luca...that one too. Nothing Compares 2 U, pretty much, I'm an easy mark when it comes to weepy.
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Mogwai's 'Hunted by a Freak' : thanks for the nightmares, jonathanbell.
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Another vote for Bjork's All is Full of Love, and another for "Hurt" and add a new vote for Eurythmic's "Here Comes the Rain Again" which has always struck me with a sense of desperate desolation which takes the song to an entirely different place than it would otherwise be.
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I recall being really moved by the Cranberries' video for "Zombie." Haven't seen it for a long time, but it featured grim scenes of soldiers on patrol in the streets of Northern Ireland and, I think, a young Elijah Wood wandering around some devastated industrial facility.
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Hurt made me cry like a baby as well. Count me in as another for Runaway Train as well
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"Here's where the story ends" - the Sundays

without fail, every time.

( I never cried during "Hurt", but I remember being impressed that they used BBC footage
from the "Life on Earth" series, like the pied kingfisher diving for fish )
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Arab Strap's "Cherubs" (from Matador Records) makes me cry from its sheer beauty. I used to loop it back when it was easier to watch music videos online.
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if you want, it's available here.
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