Help me find music for my videos
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I need to find music clips to go with some home videos. This one of Amsterdam is 2:45. This one of Bacharach Germany is 4:02 and this one of Frankfurt is 3:11. The clips are for my own purposes only. I share them with friends and family as reminders of the vacation time we had together. The music should be easy enough for most people to enjoy/tolerate, not too mainstream and should be perky(ish). Here is an example of a video I made on Whitehorse, Yukon where I live. I'm looking for the same sort of vibe for the other videos.

I'm not looking for approval or disapproval of the videos and I really don't even expect you to watch them. I'm just bored of every single song in my iTunes collection and I'm looking for some outside influence to expand my song library and get me out of the block I've had with these videos. Normally, I know exactly which song I will put with the video but I just couldn't do it with these. I think it's because I just don't have enough songs in my library and I don't really know how to search for more that I would like - sort of like being lost in a book store. I am very open to any suggestions you have for music or for video related stuff as I am a beginner and do this for fun - video scrap booking if you like.
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Browse through Endless Noise's Creative Commons licensed collection of music clips--there's probably something suitable in there. They are organized into albums with different themes--comedy/quirky, sentimental/schmaltzy, kids and pets. Some clips are free, and some are $5/album, but after you download or buy you can use them for your own non-commercial purposes as much as you like.

(Endless Noise previously featured on Metafilter.)
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Peter, Bjorn, and John have a fun song called "Amsterdam" that might be fun. It's fun and catchy, but it might overpower your clips. It's nice to hear the music with the street performers, for example.
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Best answer: There's also Guster's Amsterdam

Also 7th Foul Nation's Amsterdam, but it may have less broad appeal.

Or if you want to go traditional Johnny Jordaan's Amsterdam
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By the way, that's my friend's houseboat at 2:14. The second one (white) back on the left.
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