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Getting an error after upgrading Ubuntu on dual-boot system (Vista x64).

I dual boot Ubuntu and Vista 64. Last night after updating Ubuntu and rebooting, I didn't get the grub boot menu. Instead, my monitor displayed the message "Input not supported." I tested with another monitor and got the same message. If I let the system sit, it eventually boots into Linux - I'm guessing because that is the default menu choice; I just can't see it.

I Googled the problem and it was suggested to press F8 but that does no good since the system isn't even looking at Windows at that point and safe mode is not accessible. Any ideas how to start tackling this?
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Best answer: Ha. I had been troubleshooting something similar earlier, which is why I had this readily open in a tab. Does that help any?
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Response by poster: Hmmm. Nice find. I'll try it and let you know!
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My boyfriend has the same setup, and he's had similar problems. They usually only happen when he's hooked up to the TV, or for the first boot after he's unhooked the TV. Thankfully, he knows the steps to boot in Ubuntu and type in his password by heart and doesn't need the screen for it, otherwise he'd be SOL. What's worked for him is (once Ubuntu finally loads and the screen shows up) going into the Ubuntu display preferences and tweaking the monitor controls. That usually sets him right.

(I don't know the first thing about Ubutnu; sorry I can't be more helpful or specific.)
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Response by poster: rommakimmy - That worked. Amazing. I was ready to reformat and reload.

Phunniemee - Don't feel bad. i don't know the first thing about Liniux either. Ha!
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Yay! For future reference, the Ubuntu forums are my goto source for troubleshooting stuff. Doing a search on the error message and the Ubuntu version number I'm using usually gets me the solution about 90% of the time.
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