Amsterdam on a Sunday, or should I just wait in the airport...
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I'll be in Amsterdam from 8pm until 8am over a Sunday night in October. What should I do? Will any museums be open? Is there a literary section of town? Best place to eat a late dinner?
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The literary section would probably be Het Spui. It's also a nice place to sit and eat or have a drink. However, most shops and museums close at 17:00 or 18:00 on Sundays.
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We went to Nomads for dinner on a recent short stay in Amsterdam. It was good but if you check out this link you will also see other restaurants by the same owner and one is Italian and reputed to be excellent and quite affordable. Later on at night Nomads would likely have a great vibe with all the beds full and the belly dancers. However, there will be a ton of restaurants open late and many of them will provide excellent options.

There are night canal boat cruises that would be a great way to enjoy the evening given the short length of time that you have in the city.

It is easy to get downtown from the airport. I would suggest you go for it even if it simply means that you walk around the town and grab some french fries and mayonaise. The canals really are the central feature so for my money I'd say take on of the many trains that goes from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal then ask someone where you could go to get a canal boat tour - everyone is so friendly and helpful. Once on the canal boat tour you'll either meet someone who you can go out with for food or be able to ask the tour guide what you should do next. The city never sleeps so you'll be able to fit a good time in during your short stay.
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Leidseplein area. You're within walking distance to a lot of cool stuff right off the bat if you start there. BOOM Chicago, Melkweg, Some awesome jazz clubs. I still have dreams about being there.
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This is a fun and convenient hotel if you're flying.
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Unfortunately, Sunday nights are fairly quiet in Amsterdam and most museums, shops and restaurants close early. As mentioned, Leidseplein would be a good place to be, as it caters heavily to the tourist crowd and features plenty of bars/cafes that stay open until late, but it's emphatically not a very literary section of town.

The public library is open until 10 pm, and although the food isn't great, the food court on the seventh floor has a great view of the city. It's also only a short walk from Central Station. There's a recently opened hotel next to it, which also supposedly has great views.

Noted literary cafe De Engelbewaarder is not too far from Central Station, and the kitchen should be open until 10 pm on Sundays.

The Jordaan is nice to walk around in, especially (IMHO) the area around Noordermarkt, as it's adjacent to the canals, but more lively, with plenty of small cafes and restaurants. In fact, Bill Clinton recently spent an afternoon in this cafe, which makes a pretty good apple pie.

So go. It's only fifteen minutes by train, and even if you're there for only an hour or two, it beats hanging around at the airport.
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Cafe Loetje is the best steak you will ever eat. Amsterdam is a very non-24-hour city. Find a map and wander around. Trams stop running around 0:30. Cruise the Red Light District.
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De Engelbewaarder is really lovely, but if I was in for a Sunday I'd head out to my favourite place in Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Anita. Not central, but I LOVE it there, and you might be able to grab a late meal at Yam Yam.

I also second Ar0n's recommendation to wander around the Jordaan. Winkel43 (aka the pie winkel).

Will you be able to rent a bike? It'll make getting around the city so, so much easier.
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