Painted hoodie needs knows-it-all help
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I have a lovely sweater-jacket thing from Lululemon that I got white house primer on (Zinzer white primer).

Is there a way to remove the primer without destroying the sweater-jacket thing? Its only localized on the back of one sleeve, so if it gets slightly damaged there it would still be preferable to a noticeable white stain. It's a gift from my parents and pretty handy to boot so I'd love to restore it.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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Take it to a drycleaner -- this is their job! One once got red metal primer off a grey wool Jcrew coat perfectly for like $8.
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I have successfully used Goo Gone to get paint off of textiles before.
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Try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, those things are little miracles. (When i use them on my paint-spattered walls, they unfortunately tend to remove a layer of paint, which may be perfect for you. Also, i've used them on my fabric sofa with no ill effects.)

Also, i also own a lovely lululemon sweater-jacket thing that i also got as a gift from my parents, and it is so totally handy! And kind of expensive. So i hope it gets resolved!
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Plain rubbing alcohol removes paint from fabrics without damaging the fabric. I would try that first. You just dab it on, and kinda agitate it a bit. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time and elbow grease, but I found it works very well.
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Try The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. It's made for cleaning crusty paintbrushes, but works for paint-stained clothes (and skin) as well. You'll want to work it in with water, let it sit for a while, add a bit more water, then attack with some scrubbing action. (Fingernail, pumice stone, Magic Eraser, whatever.) Good luck!
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The best answer will depend on what primer it was; Zinsser makes a whole line of primers, both oil and latex/water based. Latex is by far the most common these days, and there are a variety of paint removers specifically for it; Goof-Off is one brand that I have used. As always read the labels, test in an inconspicuous area, and so forth.
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