Getting latex paint out of wool?
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Getting latex paint out of wool. What's the best way to remove the stain?

This morning I brushed up against a door that had been recently painted with latex paint (I think). I got most of it out before it dried by just brushing it with a paper towel, but I missed a spot. The stain is just on the surface of the wool and isn't very deep.

My googling has indicated that hairspray often gets out latex paint stains, but I've been unable to determine whether the hairspray will damage the wool.

Has anyone had any luck getting latex paint out of wool? Or, failing that, does anyone have any idea whether hairspray will damage the coat?
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Rather than trying anything at home, I would take it straight to your dry cleaners and show them the spot. I did this once with red paint on a light-colored wool sweater and the cleaners got it all out.

If you're intent on doing it yourself, test a tiny bit of hairspray somewhere on the inside of your coat. Also be careful that you don't rub it in further in your attempts to get it out.
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I have no idea what it will do to wool, but if you go to your hardware store they'll sell you something called "brush cleaner" that's designed to get dried paint off of brushes. It works quite well for that, but I'd certainly try it on an inconspicuous place of your garment first.
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Latex paint disolves in ethanol and ethonal is used to clean paint brushes. You can find it as "Dentatured Alcohol" at a hardware store.
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Linseed oil is used to get paint out of carpeting. I don't have specifics as to whether it gets latex or oil paint or both out of wool carpet or acrylic or both, however. I'd ask at the hardware store, which is where you can buy the linseed oil (it is poisonous and not a type of cooking oil).
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