Cleaning gasoline stains from paint.
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Over the last couple of years, I guess I overfilled the gas tank of my motorcycle each time that I stopped for gas and now there are streaks on the tank. Is it possible to clean those dried gasoline streaks? If so, what products and methods do you suggest? Or do I give up before starting and have the tank completely stripped and repainted?
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Gentle use of a clay bar, followed by use of high quality car polish, will recover your paint as much as possible.
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What paulsc said, and wax after you polish with a high quality carnuba wax.

(BTW, that isn't dried gasoline. That's where the gasoline has etched or eaten your gas tank's clear coat away. Gasoline and paint thinner have pretty similar effects on paint...)
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From my biker friend:

How old/what kind of bike is this? Reason I ask is because newer bikes (like newer cars) have what's called "clearcoat" over the colored paint to add lustre. That makes it harder to get stains out. I'd first try a good "cleaner wax" that's made for clearcoat paint...there are lots on the market...try SuperGlaze made by the Wax Shop.
If that does not work, look for products that are designed to a lightweight polishing compound, and follow the directions.
If that does not work, you'll have to move to more aggressive cleaners, like a rubbing compound. Trouble is, this is fairly abrasive and may take off the clearcoat. That's why I'd "escalate" up to this...but ultimately it is worth a try before repainting.
And speaking of is usually not that expensive on a bike because there's not that much to paint.
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