A name my business?
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I am looking for a name for my new elevator consulting company. The name under consideration at this time is "elevation" with the webiste being elevation-consultants.com?? We do design of systems for new construction high rise buildings. Renovation and inspections of existing building elevator/escalator systems. Please give me your thoughts. Please let me know your thoughts!!!
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You seriously want to put your trust in internet people on a serious business venture? You should really consider hiring a branding firm for this. I'd say if you were opening a part time macrame shop, come ask the internet.
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I'll agree with TheBones, but I'd also like to submit, "Straight Up!".
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Submitting Get It Up as my completely serious and not at all tongue-in-cheek suggestion.
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"Up With People" is taken, and "Down With People" isn't very user-friendly...Perhaps RISE, Inc. (Renovation, Inspection, Service for Elevators)?
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Up And At Them
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I would steer clear of Elevation as a company name - U2 has a song called that, and there's a private equity firm called Elevation too (named after the U2 song). It seems clear to me that there shouldn't be any confusion between an elevator company, a rock band and a private equity firm, but if any of the lawyers disagree then you are fighting against some seriously deep pockets.
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I like Elevation Consultants. I also think it would be a bit ridiculous to hire a branding firm for what I assume is a newly created, small consulting company.
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What you need is a name that combines both something unique and identifiable about your locale with something that evokes altitude or vertical motion.
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"Such Great Heights"

"On The Up and Up"
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If you are not in the UK "Lift"

Or "Nimbus Consultants"

or "Cloud Repair"
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I like the sound of Elevations - just adding an S makes a difference somehow :)
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Going Up
Through The Roof
Up, Up and Away!
Hanging By A Thread
Vertical Consultants
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So sorry in advance for going against the question. I would steer clear from a cutesy name related to elevation and elevators. I work with various elevator/vertical consultants and almost all the company names are based on the name of the founding consultant, either their initials or full/last name. You would want your name and experience to speak for you, especially if you are a former elevator technician. Your reputation for being a knowledgeable service provider will go a lot farther than a kitschy company name. I say this because this is not the kind of industry that people go to the phone book or internet when they need a provider. People who need this service are more likely to get a recommendation from someone else who has needed this service. I think that goes for most vendors and providers in the building, construction, property management industry.
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Please don't use a hyphen in your company URL! It's annoying to type, and annoying to read to someone over the phone or whatever.
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I like Elevation Consultants (assuming you are comfortable with any name collisions). A bigger factor for me would be to ensure that your brand identity (logo, business card, website) are professional/straightforward -- avoiding the more overt wordplay in most of this thread :). In other words - your name can be clever (but not silly) as long as it is balanced out by serious brand identity.

(I am an architect)
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Call it ⑫ ⑭ Consulting. A nod to elevator history, no ⑬.
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All Rise! Consultants!

(which is also a great way to answer the phone)

but, yeah, I'm with TheBones
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99.9th Floor

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Lift Your Business
13th Floor Elevators
Success Storey
Higher Ground
Rising Stars
Up and Coming
Push Button Solutions
Above and Beyond

Actually, Elevation isn't bad.
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Whatever it is, your motto should be "we're with you through the ups and downs."
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The Intuitionists.
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Maybe you should name your elevator firm "Sirius Cybernetics Corp." (Hey, it worked for Wonka and Yoyodyne.)
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alice ayres has a very good point. The engineering profession, in my experience, does tend toward this sort of professional naming (founder, partners, etc.). That said, I think Elevation Consultants is not really a pun and so comes across as "elevated" enough to work, especially in a world where many of your ultimate clients -- the developers, that is, not the GCs or architects who I would normally expect to retain you as a subcontractor -- have increasingly made-up brandy names such as Vornado Realty Trust.

Ignore practically every suggestion in this thread, as such. You don't want people to think you're a hair salon.
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