Powder down there = powder everywhere?
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I find that powdering my "down there" during the hot, wet, sticky part of summer helps to fend off funk and prevent chafing. How can I apply it without powdering the floor as well?

In researching this question, I've found some good AskMefi suggestions for alternate products (Gold Bond, Burt's Bees) and delivery mechanisms (spray cans). I will try those, but I'd like to finish my bottle of Clubman (evil talc and all) before I buy something new.

So, Mefites, how can I powder my down there without it going everywhere?
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Do it in the bathtub or shower.
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Apply in the shower/bath tub. Are you reapplying it during the day or just in the morning?
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I don't have any man parts, but I don't see why you couldn't just sit on the toilet or apply in the shower (post drying off, of course). Alternatively, put down a towel and go nuts. Heh, nuts.
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Bath or shower, but towel up and standing over it while you do your... thing is probably the best bet.
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Toilet, shower, or something where getting the floor messy won't matter.
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For way less waste you need a powder puff! A manly powder puff. Yes. It's the best. Try a piece of faux fur or sheepskin. Put your Clubman powder into a tin or a box and just keep a few bits of the powder puff textile of your choice in the box. You want the box/tin to have a lid to keep dust out. When you're ready to apply the powder just hold the puff and tap it into the powder, and then tap it on your body wherever you like. The powder will go where you want it to with so much less waste you won't believe it. And it feels great.

I stand on my unmade bed to put on powder. Admittedly a little weird, but my sheets are white and whatever powder drifts down makes the bedding smell fantastic. So...yeah. Standing on the bed. I wash the sheets every week ;)
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I dump it in my briefs and shake them about a bit to distribute it.
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I stand on a bathmat that gets washed weekly.
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Put a towel down on the floor before powdering. Then use it to wipe up any over-powder that escapes the towel margins after you're finished powdering. (Voice of experience here.)
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I wear boxer briefs. The tight legs prevent powder from getting everywhere.

Also, can I suggest corn starch? It rocks the casbah for this purpose, is dirt cheap, and is ken kesey approved.
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Stand over the toilet, trash can or shower. Or just resign yourself to the fact that powders are messy and you have to sweep a little more often.
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When I was bartending and in a permanent state of soggy I used the chazlarson method. Boxer briefs probably helped reduce "pass through" to the floor. Which I see on preview that pahool also said.

You can simply stand straddling the toilet.
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After drying off, I step back into shower, close door and fire at will. Wait a few seconds after application then step out and put on your boxers.
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I used to have a cool powder puff that you could fill with powder (there was access on the back of it) so it came from the inside and was much less messy.

This is the closest thing I could find with google.
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I always imagined that standing in shower/over toilet would, over time, fill your plumbing with powder. Like several users mentioned above, I don boxer briefs and give a shake into them.

Of course, now I'm washing endless boxer briefs full of powder, but that's at day's end, so.....
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