Cell Phone Unlock/Jailbreak Help?
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Is it possible to unlock or jailbreak a verizon, samsung continuum, phone to make it useable with t-mobile?

Giant puppy ate my wife's t-mobile cell. No insurance. Kind friend gave us an unused verizon Samsung Continuum. Is there any way to hack that or should I just get my wife a new phone.

Difficulty for me; she's a teacher and NEEDS a cell. I blew my wad on two kids birthdays and back to school stuff so can't purchase a new phone immediately.

If I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, you're right, but I'm willing to try anything that an average Joe with some basic skillz can do.

Many thanks in advance!
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T-Mobile uses GSM, Verizon uses CDMA. There's no way it will work.
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Well there goes THAT idea! Thank you reptile! At least I don't have to worry about working this angle any more.
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That was FAST, btw!
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If you're still bound to a contract, hop over to a Radioshack/Best Buy/Target (?) and grab a T-Mobile branded pay-as-you-go phone to last until you can afford a nicer one. They'll range anywhere between $15-200 depending on features. I'm not sure if T-Mobile has these models in stock at their own retail stores, but I know AT&T doesn't, so hopefully you have one of those stores in your area.
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If she can manage a day or two without a phone, go check eBay. I recently bought an HTC EVO for less than half of what they're going for in stores, and for an extra $5 got priority shipping and had it in two days. You can pick up older phones for a song--under $50--and while they may not be the prettiest, they generally work pretty well, at least in my experience.
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Just to expand a little on june made him a gemini's answer:
You did remove the SIM card from the eaten cell, right? On the assumption* that t-mobile prepaid phones are network locked, you could switch that phone's SIM with the one from the eaten (also t-mobile) cell, and it should work fine.

*I'm going by my experience with European providers, YMMV
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HFSH, I can confirm that it works the same with T-mobile in the US. My original phone gave up the ghost before the contract ended, so I bought a $30 T-mobile prepaid phone and swapped out the sim card. Even better, both phones synced the address book with T-mobile's servers, so an hour after I turned it on, I had my entire address book automatically appear on the new phone.

If you don't have the original anymore, I'd imagine it's possible for T-mobile to issue you a new sim card, though I don't know how much they'd charge.
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