I'd like to actually be able to map my run.
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Alternatives to MapMyRun?

I only use MapMyRun for plotting routes, so that's all I want. I'm really tired of their janky, slow-loading, phantom clicking and scrolling, ad-obscured, all-around crappy tool. But it's the only one I know of that has any of the features I want. I know Google Maps can sort of do this, but it doesn't have things like "loop" and more importantly "follow roads."

At the bare minimum, I need to be able to plot routes and have it tell me how long the route is, and it should be able to automatically follow roads. Anything else is a bonus.
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Gmap pedometer is all I've ever used for this.
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Walk Jog Run?
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I think Runkeeper will work for this. You don't need to use it with an iPod. It will let you enter points on the map, follow the street, and is much cleaner than MapMyRun.
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nike also has a mapping app
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RunningMap - it's very simple, but perfect for mapping running routes with minimal ads.
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Garmin 305
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All of these are vastly superior to MapMyRun. I don't know how I struggled with that contraption as long as I did.

Of these, it appears that only Gmap and Runkeeper have the option of snapping routes to roads, and I'm obviously missing something in Gmap because I can't figure out how to lay pins, or even if that's how it's meant to work. I'd think it would be some slight variation on clicking on the map, but if so it's not working for me. For that matter, maybe I'm missing the snap-to option in these other ones.
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Start "Recording" and click (cld be doubleclick) on a point that you want to lay a pin on. I just figured it out myself too :-) (I was in mapmyrunhell, so your question was of interest to me!).

I cldnt figure out how to stop recording ..I simply moved off the page.
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Ah start recording AND double click!
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Are there any good alternatives with *both* a good mapping tool and a good running log?

"New" MapMyRun maps + "classic" MapMyRun training calendar mostly works for me but is, as cmoj admirably says, awfully janky.

(And bonus points if it doesn't constantly try to make me socially network; I'm a solo runner.)
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nike also has a mapping app

I haven't used their maps, but I am a Nike+ sensor user and use the Nike+ website for pace/time info. It's been almost unusable for months; slow, buggy, unresponsive, crashy -- that's if it even lets you log in at all.

Nike say they're having scaling issues. To me it feels more like they have no staging or QA between development and release.
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Buckeye Outdoors has a nice mapping interface (that does offer the "snap to roads" feature), as well as a training log, and other features that may or may not be of interest, such as syncing with a garmin, public route-sharing, nutrition tracking, etc.
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I use LogYourRun.com and like it a lot. It has a "follow roads" capability, and will do out-n-back routes, too.
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