O Canada! Tell me of your funny witch movies
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Attention Canadians! I need help identifying a witch/fairly tale movie from the late eighties.

At some point from '89-'91 I watched what I'm pretty certain was a Canadian tv live-action movie (though I watched it in Washington state) that featured these scattered memories:

-a flying carpet with seatbelts and a gearbox
-a giant's house with giant furniture, and on the table was spaghetti and meatballs "with Bolognese sauce!"
-a prince, I think, whose suit (at the end wedding scene) was remarked on as being not bad for "off the rack"
-witches, good and bad
-clowns or jesters or generally silly people as the main characters

Apologies for the scanty details, I was barely conscious. Any help?
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Final update from the OP:
Found it! It was Once Upon a Giant by the comedy duo Wayne and Shuster -- and it's amazing.
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