How can I get my router to work with Bonjour on iChat/Adium?
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How can I get my router to work with Bonjour on iChat/Adium?

There's an ethernet port in my college dorm. I'm trying to get Bonjour to work so that I can access Bonjour chat on my college network.

Everything works fine when I connect my MacBook Pro directly to the port. However, I want to use a router so that I can use my laptop across my room.

In a nutshell:

Ethernet port -> MacBook Pro: Bonjour works fine, I can see all contacts from my college network
Ethernet port -> Router -> (Wi-Fi) -> MacBook Pro: I can only see contacts on my router's network but not on the wider college network.

How can I make Bonjour work with my router? It's an Aztech HW550-3G.
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That's because (as I understand it) bonjour is supposed to only see what's on the local-link subnet - that's the router. From everything I can discover, iTunes and iChat currently only support link-local Bonjour.

Now, I also found how to get ichat working via wide area DNS service discovery - but I think you have to be able to control things at the DNS level, which I'm sure you can't do in the dorms.
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Check your school's acceptable use policy. I'll bet you're not allowed to plug in a Wi-Fi router. Otherwise, filmgeek has it, bonjour/zeroconf/etc. are broadcast based and will not work through a router. If you can put the router in bridge mode it should work. Be prepared for a knock on the door and a visit to Student Conduct if it's against your AUP, and/or getting DMCA notices and your access terminated because your dormmates found your AP. (lock that thing down).
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Filmgeek has it. You are creating another subnet by using the router. If your configure your router to act as an access point instead you should be able to see your bonjour contacts as you will still be on the same subnet.

This page explains how you can do this. [Full disclosure - I work for that ISP].
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I've been using my router in my dorm for a few years now and haven't got into trouble (yet).

Anyway, this is more about getting Bonjour to work than about using the router for anything else.

Thanks for the replies! I'll try them tomorrow.
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