It's like the perfect chat program WITH THE MOST ANNOYING FLAW IN THE WORLD.
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Is there any way whatsoever to stop those annoying gray semi-transparent status updates ("John Smith went idle" "Karen Black became available") in Ichat?

For years I've ignored I-chat. Largely because I like all my contacts in one big list as opposed to several small lists. I used Adium. Only problem? No video chatting.

Then I discovered CHAX and that it not only consolidated all my IM accounts in one list (AIM, YAHOO, GCHAT) but that it also let you do video chatting. GREAT.

Except now I've got this steady stream of black bars floating in and out of the right corner of my screen. And despite googling everything known to man on it, I can't figure out how to

a) turn it off. OR
b) move it to another space where it will annoy no one

Is there ANY way to kill these annoyances or do I just go back to adium?
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Best answer: The notifications are coming through Growl, which has a pane in System Preferences you can use to control it. Check the Display Options tab to configure how the notifications look, or use the Applications tab to disable them entirely or turn specific ones on and off.
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Response by poster: Good god. I think that worked. THANK YOU!
posted by rileyray3000 at 1:55 PM on July 1, 2010

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