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I want to buy something fun for the family to play with, either in the backyard or at the park. I have about $100. Water balloon cannon? Bocce? What have you played outdoors that is tons of fun and holds up to repeated playing?

Tangent: My son played something where you throw a stick at other standing sticks and try to knock them over, but nobody knew the name of it.
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how about Horseshoes? you could probably come up with a set of shoes, backstops and pits for $100.
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Excuse me sir, but can I interest you in a remote fucking control fucking helicopter?

You could get THREE with your budget.
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Croquet? It's a lot of fun and even inexpensive sets hold up fine if you don't leave them out in the dirt and rain. Kids love using the mallets.
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the game with the stick and the other stick might be the swedish game Kubb (pronounced like cube).

On the first question, depending on the size and shape of your yard, croquet might be a good bet.
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How about Washoes (kind of like horseshoes with washers)?

Apparently there's a whole website dedicated to selling washer-related games. The mind boggles.

There's also Cornhole.
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Look no further.
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We have enjoyed badminton, croquet, horseshoes and bocce. All would work for your yard. Bocce is probably the easiest for taking to a park.
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I would suggest bocce for a few reasons.

The first being that just about anyone can play it. It really doesn't matter the age, or fitness level. I still play with my 70 year old father and can get my ass kicked.

It is relatively safe.

It is very portable. You can take your set to the park and play there, or to family gathers, etc.
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Yeah, the game is Kubb, and before I got to the end of your post I was going to suggest it. It's great fun.
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Bocce is pretty great, but in my experience all of these games are sort of hit or miss, by which I mean some people really get into them and some don't. It helps to create a yard culture that is conducive to getting into them, e.g. tournaments and the like.
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Giant bubbles. Wands from here or here. Bubble formulas.
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A proper kite.

A frisbee.
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2nd Croquet and lawn darts
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Stilts, pogo stick, unicycle.
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With whatever money you have left over, you could spend a pittance to make a ladder golf set. I see it a lot in campgrounds out here now. My cousins in Indiana are big fans too.
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We've been playing Quoits lately.

nthing badminton and croquet. We used to make some wicked hard croquet courses in my semi-wooded and rocky backyard as a kid. Every day or two, we'd put together a new tricky course.
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Badminton, Bocce, or even volleyball depending on how coordinated your family is.
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Blongo ball. Which in some circles is known as redneck golf.

My wife's family made me our set. Buying the balls might not be a bad idea though.
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A swank Kubb set (approved for Swedish tournament play) is ~$90. Here's how you play.
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Casual soccer. Set up two goal areas, split into two teams, define a rough limit for the field. You don't really need goalies, if kids get bored standing around waiting for action, and you don't need to stick with any particular rules beyond no hands. Equipment: one soccer ball.
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Get an Aerobie!!! They're like frisbees, but fly 100 times better. Usually around $10. If you're near water or lots of trees, maybe not a good idea. They don't float.
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Best answer: Potato gun.
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Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. My kids like to get their hands wet with bubble juice, make the "OK" sign with their fingers, and blow bubbles out of the membrane that forms from the circle of finger and thumb. Or use their fists like bubble pipes. My older daughter does all kinds of crazy bubblemaking stuff, really fun to watch her be creative.

We also like badminton or equivalent, frisbee, hippity-hops, basketball...
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I have yet to meet a kid that doesn't like to play with a Stomp Rocket.
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Response by poster: Lots of great answers! I am having a hard time finding a decent croquet set (I am tall) for $100. Thanks you, keep 'em coming.
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Best answer: If you have big trees about 20' apart, set up a slackline. You can also make end supports from plywood and lumber.
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Response by poster: @Carmody's A slackline has been on my list for a while. I should probably pull the trigger.
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Definitely quoits! Much more awesome than wikipedia makes it look like!

Cornhole is fun, especially if you involve everyone in making/painting the boxes.
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Inflatable pool.
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Response by poster: Make your own Kubb set for dirt cheap.
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