Help Me Make My Dream Laptop Cover
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How can I find a pattern to sew my dream laptop case?

I recently purchased an ASUS Eee 10.1-Inch Tablet. I have a basic protective cover, but I want a cover with a small pocket for the charger. I searched and searched for something that suits my needs and either the covers lack personality, are too bulky, or are too spartan.

So I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to finally buy this beautiful TARDIS fabric and make a cover.I've searched patterns and only found basic sleeves, nothing with a pocket. I thought "This is a job for the crafters at AskMe!"

I'm basically looking to make something like this only without the handles in the TARDIS fabric. My plan is to make a cover with a pocket that can fit inside my school satchel/backpack. (I should add that while I did learn how to sew a long time ago, I haven't used a sewing machine in a while hence my general cluelessness about where to find such a pattern.)
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Tipnut has a few patterns like this one, which isn't exactly like the one you linked but it has pockets. You can search tipnut for others.

You might find something here, or search tipnut for other ideas
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Adding a pocket is not hard. A basic pattern that you would find would probably be two large rectangles, sewn up on the bottom and sides, with a zipper (or other closure) across the top maybe. Does that sound like what you've looked at? If so, you would want to cut out a pocket - another rectangle, large enough to fit the charger. Hem the edges of this pocket rectangle, then place it on one of the larger rectangles. Sew the bottom and sides to the larger rectangle. You might want to add some way to close the pocket - if you're not a sewer a zipper might be difficult, but velcro is easy. Then follow the pattern instructions to put the whole thing together.

You can look at and buy patterns from big companies online - Simplicity, McCall's, Vogue, etc. Burda Style has their own patterns and user-created patterns, many of which are available as downloads and some of which are free. Craftster (you have to be a member) also has many user-created patterns.
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