Good eats in Cocoa Head Florida?
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This weekend our family is going on vacation in Cocoa Beach Florida. Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations? Preferably moderately priced, with great fresh seafood. Thanks!
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Not seafood, but if you've got time for a change of pace I would recommend DiLorenzo's Pizza. We (4 adults, 2 kids) ate in, had a couple calzones, a pizza, and an appetizer or two. Everything was outstanding and reasonably priced. Easily our favorite meal of the trip.

On preview, apparently the owner retired earlier this year, so YMMV.
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We usually end up at Florida's Seafood, Coconuts (right on the beach, which is nice) or Sunset Cafe. Fat Snook & Cafe Margaux are very good if you want to go a little more upscale.
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Atlantic Ocean Grille at Cocoa Beach Pier, between 5-6PM when they have their cheaper early-bird dinner menu. I was honestly expecting a tourist trap, but instead got a reasonably priced bowl of some of the best garlic mussels on linguine I've ever had. They also have a decent brunch buffet on Sunday mornings. And a nice view.

Not seafood, but Rubio's Cuban Cafe is a Cocoa Beach classic and pretty cheap.
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We did not have good luck at Coconuts but enjoyed a great breakfast at Simply Delicious Cafe. If you happen to be driving through Jupiter, don't miss The Food Shack.
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Response by poster: All these sound great! Thanks so much, everyone.
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Not necessarily seafood, but if you like Greek food, stop by the Sunrise Family Restaurant. Best. Gyros. Ever.
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