Can I get Mass Save Rebate for self-installed AC?
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As part of the Mass Save program, is it possible to install a split-system AC myself (as a homeowner) and get the $500 rebate?

That's pretty much it. Do I NEED to have a contractor do the job or am I myself eligible for the rebate if I do the work myself?
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Well, I'd certainly hope not. A rebate is not a grant; it's a partial reimbursement for an expenditure you actually incurred. The similar programme here is also explicitly designed to help stimulate the contracting industry when electricians, plumbers, architects etc are really hurting.

In any case is there some reason you can't call and ask?
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In Texas you have to be HVAC certified to install HVAC systems and meet code. I would be very surprised if this weren't true in Massachusetts.
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Best answer: In Texas you have to be HVAC certified to install HVAC systems and meet code.

I would be very surprised if this were true in Texas or anywhere for homeowners. There's a tremendous variety of regulations out there for different states & municipalities but homeowners are usually allowed great leeway to perform almost any work they desire upon their personal property. It is when hiring oneself out when certification & licensing comes into play. Homeowners do have to abide by the same permit & inspection processes, & etc. but to say they can't install HVAC nor meet code without being a certified installer does not jive with my experience.

OP: If you need to have a contractor involved to obtain the rebate, you can minimize the expense by doing most of the work yourself and then having the contractor come out to charge the lines & finish things up. You will definitely need a contractor to work with the refrigerant as access to such materials is restricted. You will also want to line up your contractor before beginning work to make sure this is acceptable to them.
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