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Do any living artists specialize in classical European style woodcuts?

Here is a history of woodcuts. Pre-modern ones look like this. Modern ones look like this (as you can see from the first link, the Western style merged with Japanese ukiyo-e). My dad did woodblock prints in college and all of his were in the modern style.

Are there any examples of the intricate late classical style still being made? I ask purely out of curiosity-- it would be really cool if someone were making woodcuts of modern events in classical style, and probably worth of a post on the Blue.
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Best answer: Sure-- check out the Society of Wood Engravers, they have mind-boggling shows every year here in the UK.. Check out Miriam McGregor, Richard Wagener, Geri Waddington... some really great engravers don't have websites, annoyingly, but there's a lot out there if you like a peaceful hours googling.
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Best answer: Scott McKowen (warning: unbelievably irritating website.) does scratchboard work that is very similar to older style woodcuts. He does a lot of book illustration and covers.
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Response by poster: This is great, if only to remind me of how little in-depth info I can find about art genres with Google. Geri Waddington reminded me of something I saw in young adult fiction, and I believe I've seen Scott's work somewhere too! Fantastic stuff.
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Have you seen MF's woodblock100's website?
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Best answer: Late to the thread here, sorry! My friend Andy English is doing work that should be of interest I think ... Other than that, the Wood Engravers link given above should provide many hours of happy browsing - and hopefully even lead to some purchasing! :-)
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woodcuts of modern events in classical style ...

This is not in the Western tradition, but yes, over here in Japan there is a small experiment taking place to do just that - make woodblock prints in the traditional manner, yet with contemporary themes (Tokyo Sky Tree, anyone?). If I may be permitted a total self link, there is a thread on one of my blogs that traces the development of the project so far.
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Best answer: You will like Dick Sheaff's site. Check out this post on Chromoxylography.
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Best answer: You might also like Hilary Paynter's work (warning - site uses popups).
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Best answer: You might also like Hilary Paynter's work (warning - site uses popups)

Oh wow, that is some of the most beautiful work, and awful navigation, I have ever seen.

A few more for you:

Barry Moser

The Wood Engravers network and their Block and Burin newsletter (all PDFs, uber-nerdy)

Google tip: contemporary wood engraving, black and white filter :)
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