Who designed this dress?
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Who designed the dress Shalom Harlow is wearing in this NSFW picture?
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I don't know crap about fashion, but it did remind me of this post from The Coquette . Don't know if that could lead you in the right direction.
posted by fillsthepews at 8:58 PM on August 23, 2011

According to this post, it's Dior.
posted by jacquilynne at 9:00 PM on August 23, 2011

Best answer: And according to this video, it was John Galliano for Dior.
posted by jacquilynne at 9:03 PM on August 23, 2011 [1 favorite]

O/T--that's Danielle Steele in the white coat with the "WTF?" look on her face in the photo.
posted by Jane Austen at 5:27 PM on August 25, 2011

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