Google Calendar and recurring events
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I have two calendars in Google Calendar. One of them has a recurring event. How do I move a single one of a recurring event to the other calendar without changing the whole series?
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Can't you just delete it the once on the first calendar, and manually add it to the other calendar?
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Best answer: - Click on the single event you want to copy
- Click "Edit Event Details"
- Click on the "More Actions" drop-down box (next to the Delete button)
- You should see options to copy it to your various calendars (i.e. "Copy to Birthdays", "Copy to Work", etc). Select the one you want to copy it to.
- It will open the new event to edit.
- To prevent the copied event from repeating just unselect the "Repeat" checkbox
- Click Save

[Note: If the calendar you want to copy it to is your main default calendar, there's a quicker way. Just click on the event and select "copy to my calendar")
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Response by poster: perfect, thanks! then I can just delete the one event in the first calendar, since it gives me that option.
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